alun parry

"Indie folk meets Americana
on the way to a picket line"

New album launching March 25th 2017

Freedom Rider

Track listing: 1. Dig Boys Dig, 2. Freedom Rider, 3. Keep It Simple, 4. Too Scared,
5. On This Old Guitar, 6. Climb, 7. Song For John Hartwell, 8. The Odd Couple,
9. Take Your Children To The Hill, 10. Jack Jones, 11. One Last Try,
12. We Are Not Afraid

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Dick Gaughan
Folk Legend

"A beacon through the fog of lies"

”In dark days like these, songs like Alun’s are needed more than ever and they shine like a beacon through the fog of lies, disinformation and propaganda to present a working class view of reality. Great singer, great guitarist, great songwriter and hugely entertaining in live performance.”

"Songs that address the world we live in now"

“Powerful stuff. There is something essentially Liverpool about the songs and the sound. Songs that address the world we live in now.”

Roy Bailey
Folk Legend
R2 (Rock N Reel) Magazine

"Tremendous breadth of lyrical ambition"

“A tremendous breadth of lyrical ambition – glorious. An incurable champion of ordinary people.”

About Alun

Alun Parry is a socially conscious storytelling songwriter. His hopeful, uplifting folk songs tell inspiring stories of social and personal change.

He makes you smile as he makes you think. He is "an incurable champion of ordinary people." (R2 Magazine). Musically he has been compared to Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie, and Christy Moore.