Dec 05

Alun Parry In Comedy Improv Gig (Wed 9th Dec 2015)

12249698_1517633795195903_8766494280053545552_nI’ll be performing my final gig of 2015 on Wednesday – but with a difference. It’s a comedy gig!!

I’ll be part of the fabulous comedy troupe performing Mission Improvable at The Ship & Mitre on Dale Street. It’s a night of totally improvised comedy.

Improvised comedy means that everything you see at the show is completely made up on the spot, based on your suggestions.

It will be a lovely night of laughs and silliness featuring a comical variety of games, scenes and even song!

The night is presented by Liverpool Comedy Improv and you can get your tickets for just £4 each at

We are expecting a sell out so make sure you book online now.

Full Details:

Liverpool Comedy Improv Presents “MISSION IMPROVABLE”
Upstairs at The Ship & Mitre
Dale Street
L2 2JH

Wednesday, 9th December, 2015
Doors 7.15pm, Start 7.40pm prompt.
Price: £4

Parking: Directly opposite the venue


Nov 18

Joe Hill Ain’t Dead

joe_hill_100_yearsI’m really happy to be performing at this Saturday’s centenary commemoration for the great union organiser and songwriter Joe Hill, who was executed 100 years ago by the State of Utah.

I often use Joe Hill’s great saying, that if you put a fine idea in a pamphlet it might be read just the once. Put it in a song and it’s sung and shared a million times.

The event takes place on Saturday 21st November at the Liverpool Adelphi Hotel. It is an all day event, featuring theatre, discussion and song.

I’ll be on stage from 8pm. The full day’s events are listed below. All events are completely FREE so just bring your voices.

Eithne Browne will introduce Joe and get events underway with music and rhyme.
Followed by the play: ‘The Joe Hill Dream’.

3.30 – 5.30pm:
Northern ReSisters – Bernadette Hyland, Christine Clark and Honor Donnelly – women activists and performers lead the discussion about the relevance of Joe Hill for today, including poetry and songs from: Jennifer Reid, Alison Down, Arthur Adlen and Gerry Ffrench.

Evening entertainment from 7.30pm:

Claire Mooney: “Funny, observant and absorbing, and all in a song too!”
Alun Parry: “Songwriter and rousing political singer.”
‘67’: Liverpool band whose beat will get yer legs movin’

Oct 27

Ian Prowse Music Video: My Name Is Dessie Warren

Des and RickyI can’t wait to share this with you. Ian Prowse has just published the official music video for my song My Name Is Dessie Warren.

It’s stunning. I bloody love it. You will too. And it puts the social history centre stage.

Anyhow, I’ll shut up and let you see it for yourself.

The track is from Ian’s fabulous new album Companeros. Dessie is track 2 and I’m beyond proud, and utterly delighted, that Ian has picked this song to be the subject of the official video.

Thanks to Ian for spreading this story out even further into the world!

Oct 23

Companeros Album Released Today

album-coverToday is the day! Companeros, the fantastic new album by Ian Prowse is released today, and is now available to download from iTunes.

Better still, it’s just £7.99 for a scorcher of an 11 track album.

My song My Name Is Dessie Warren is song 2 on the album.

I know that many of you really love this song and its telling of the story of Des Warren, wrongly imprisoned for his role in a national building workers strike in the 70s.

Ian has really done it proud, with a fantastic version of the song.

You really need to go and hear what he’s done with it. It’s very different from my version – and what an ending he has given it too!!

I’m really very proud for a song of mine to be featured on this album by Ian. He has paid me a huge compliment by recording it, and for doing it so well.

More importantly, he is taking this crucial story out to a wider audience than I ever could alone.

Many more people will now find out about what happened to Des Warren, Ricky Tomlinson and the others who the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign are still fighting for.

You can download the full album at

Here is the full track listing:

  1. Town And Country Blues
  2. My Name Is Dessie Warren
  3. Mississippi Beat (with Pauline Scanlon)
  4. What Am I To You
  5. You Can’t Win Them All Mum
  6. Derry Gaol
  7. St. Patrick’s Brave Brigade
  8. Johnny & Marie
  9. Conscience
  10. Spare Change
  11. Name & Number 2016

Oct 16

EVENT NOTICE: First Ever Live Online Q&A with Alun Parry – THIS Sunday

AlunParryAtkinsonOn Sunday 18th October, I’ll be hosting my first EVER live online event.

I’ve been receiving your questions over the past week (more are still welcome!) and I’ll be answering them live and online at 4pm on Sunday.

To get involved is really simple – and better still it’s completely FREE.

All you have to do is click here to secure your seat for the event.

Hurry though because seats are limited and I don’t want you to miss out.

Sign up now and I’ll see you live and online on Sunday!

Photo: Jim Colvin

Sep 30

We Shall Overcome Weekend

oWTF1K2_I’m very proud to be playing two shows this weekend as part of the nationwide We Shall Overcome series of resistance concerts.

Up and down the nation there are literally hundreds of events and concerts in resistance to austerity, and in solidarity with those hit hardest by it.

Wherever you are in the country, visit and find out what’s going on near you.

I’ll be at Liverpool Sound And Drink on Saturday for the Liverpool Acoustic contribution to the weekend. It runs from 2pm to 6pm and I’ll be on stage at 2.30pm.

Among many great musicians, Saturday sees the virtuoso guitarist Jo Bywater, and local tunesmith Stuart Todd perform.

Then on Sunday evening I’ll be supporting the wonderful Henry Priestman at the Lantern Theatre. That event starts at 3pm and runs through til 11pm. I’ll be performing a 40 minute set at 7pm.

Also playing, on a frankly incredible bill, are award winning Americana favourites, The Good Intentions, the fabulous Lizzie Nunnery, the Grateful Fred Ukulele Band, “loved up” Les Glover, and more.

Please see my Gigs Listings for full details. Both gigs are free entry but we encourage you to bring a £3 donation or equivalent food donation (for local food banks) if you can.

Please support this weekend. There’s hundreds of events nationwide and thousands of passionate musicians on show. Let’s get together.

Sep 05

NEW: An Hour With Alun Parry

BigCloudPodcastI’m really delighted to be able to share this hour of conversation and song with you.

I was the guest of the lovely Steve Stroud this week on his fabulous Big Cloud Podcast.

The show has come out really well, and it’s just over an hour of conversation peppered with five songs recorded live in the studio.

The Topics

The topics cover everything from immigration, life on the docks, the Shrewsbury Justice Campaign, my granddad Frank Carter, my part in Ian Prowse’s new album, the art of songwriting, the link between comedy improv and song, the We Shall Overcome festival, and AFC Liverpool.

It was a really interesting hour together and I think you’ll really enjoy it too. The songs were beautifully recorded. I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out.

Watch/Listen to the show

You can watch it here:

For those who prefer to listen than watch, it’s also available at SoundCloud below:

About Big Cloud Productions

I really recommend you to check out Big Cloud Productions too. They offer a range of great recording services for musicians and songwriters, and Steve is such a nice person to work with as well as really skilled at what he does.

You can find out more about them at their website, or on their Facebook page.

Other than that, have a listen and I hope you really enjoy the show as much as Steve and I did.


Aug 11

Jeremy Corbyn and a tale of two Labour Parties

jeremycorbyn2On my travels singing up and down the country, I have played for several local Labour Party events. I’m not sectarian and so, despite my dissatisfaction with Labour’s policies, I imagined they may not represent the actual activists on the ground and I would happily play for them.

I only started refusing to play for Labour events when the racist mug came out and I turned down a friend during the election campaign telling him that I couldn’t in all conscience assist any party in electioneering for that.

I would often leave these events feeling both puzzled and optimistic. If the party members were enthusiastic about its leadership and policies, there is no way they’d have been so enthusiastic about my performances. What I experienced at those events were passionate people who wanted a better world, yet were wedded to a party who wasn’t officially offering one.

There have been a number of polls now regarding the leadership election. The latest has Corbyn winning a majority straight off. I don’t know if this is true. But I do know that there has already been one solid expression of local party desires, and that is nominations from constituency parties. And Corbyn came top.

This is the Labour Party I have been playing to.

Whoever wins, it is abundantly clear that there is a massive divide between the politics of Labour MPs and Labour members which is now sharply in focus.

If Corbyn wins, this will be his biggest problem. His parliamentary party will be against him while the party in the country will be for him. I imagine that the party in the country will see this and seek to ensure their candidates have the same politics as they do.

Even if Corbyn doesn’t win, I imagine it will be a defeat that is relatively narrow and many MPs will be looking over their shoulder as the reselection trigger processes start to kick in.

Many Labour MPs have been silent in the face of the most vicious Tory attacks on the living conditions of ordinary people. Yet now find their voice to attack Corbyn with a fervour they have barely found when it comes to Tory policies.

They show themselves to be at odds with a huge portion of party members, and maybe even a majority of party members. Whoever wins, this imbalance will likely be played out.

The key dividing line in UK politics today in my view is between the “Thatcherites” who accept her political settlement, and those who don’t.

The Thatcherites are represented by the Tories, the Liberal Democrats, and the majority of the parliamentary Labour Party.

Corbyn is on our side of that divide, and it appears that the party membership at large is broadly with him.

Note: You have just 1 day to register to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader. Click here now to make your voice heard.

Aug 09

Why You Need To Buy The New Ian Prowse Album

ian-prowse650Is it narcissistic to have your own song playing at full blast on repeat?

Well, ordinarily I’d say “yes, a bit”. That’s so not the kind of thing I’d do. But this time it’s different.

You see, I’ve spent the last few days turning up my speakers to eleven, and then blasting out my song My Name Is Dessie Warren.

But here’s the twist….

It’s not me singing it. It’s Amsterdam and Pele legend Ian Prowse. Yes, the same Ian Prowse whose classic Does This Train Stop On Merseyside was the centre piece of Christy Moore’s number 1 album Listen.

So how is Ian Prowse singing My Name Is Dessie Warren? Because he has recorded it for his forthcoming album Companeros.

And his version has blown my socks off!! It’s absolutely brilliant. Fist punchingly good.

I’m beyond delighted, not just because he has paid me the highest compliment that any singer can pay a songwriter, by putting my song on his new album – but that he has done such an awesome job of it too.

So, you really need to buy Ian’s album so you can have it blasting out of your speakers too.

Here’s how…

The album is released on Friday 18th September, but you can buy it right now over at

Ian is touring the album too with his 10 piece band Amsterdam, and you can find all tour dates here at

One Final Thing

My Name Is Dessie Warren isn’t just a song. It’s a true story and it’s a campaign. I’m very grateful to Ian for helping spread Dessie’s story, and the ongoing fight for justice, to a wider fan base.

Click here for more details about the Shrewsbury Justice Campaign.

And don’t miss out on buying the album yourself.

Jul 06

Alun Parry at Folk On The Farm Festival (17th July)

AlunParryAtkinsonI’m mega looking forward to my performance at the Folk On The Farm Festival in Anglesey on the 17th July.

The tickets are on sale. It’s going to be a great night – and a great weekend of music.

To get your tickets visit:

On Friday 17th July I’ll be sharing a bill with the Goat Roper Rodeo Band, the Southbound Attic Band, and Ben Robertson.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Photo: Jim Colvin

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