Dec 02

How To Download Greedy Fingers Song

You can buy Greedy Fingers, the N30 strike song, by downloading it from either Amazon or iTunes

To get it from Amazon click here

To get it from iTunes click here

Greedy Fingers – Alun Parry by alunparry


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  1. louise darbyshire

    hi lovin the song greedy fingers its ssoooo true to wats happenin n loved the performance on 30th november ty for the songs!!! i tryed downloadin the downloadable it tryed twice but still aint managed it do u no if i will be able to get the “greedy fingers” track ov sumwere like pirate bay???

    please lets me no ty !!!

  2. Alun

    hi louise

    what happened when you tried to download it? was it from amazon or from iTunes?

    al 8-)

  3. louise darbyshire

    ooooh erm neither it was like it was gunna download to ma laptop i av a lil tab sayin open wen dun it just didnt open:(

  4. Alun

    Ah ok, it can only be downloaded by iTunes or Amazon. Maybe that’s the prob.

    Check your email though, have contacted you direct.

    Al 8-)

  5. louise darbyshire

    ok i will just give me few mins ma puppy dog not well

  6. Stephen

    You have just gained a new fan Alun, been listening your stuff and its great. Agree with what i have heard so far, keep em coming, will deffo come and see you soon.
    If you ever need a bass player give me a shout!

  7. alunparry

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for the kind words!!

    Where are you bas(s)ed?

  8. Stephen

    Im based in Wigan, well just near, Bickershaw in fact, once famous for the pop festival in 1972, but not much has happened since. Lived in London for 20yrs and came back about 9yrs ago, long story.

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