Jan 01

Tressell And Me – A Radio Ballad

I have produced a radio ballad exploring the socialist ideas within the book The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

I hope that you enjoy it, that you share it, and that it helps spread socialist ideas in a way that is easy to understand.

I would love for it to become a well used resource within the labour movement – that’s my main hope for it. Enjoy!

Listen here:

Download it here (right click and choose Save As)

Or find it on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/alunparry/id492465811


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  1. Jann

    I’d rather be the horse too, just not in New York City haha! Al, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, my first Radio Ballad less than an hour into the new year! Happy New Year to you too mister! So insightful this is – thank you. Your wise and true words wouldn’t go over well in radically conservative and pro-capitalist Richmond, Virginia (where I am right now), but I’ll post it anyway, just knowing I’ll piss people off! Mr. Tressell is lookin’ down on yas Al. xox

  2. Alan

    Thanks for this interesting take on The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, I hope it will spark those who haven’t read the book do so. Great work Alun!

  3. norma parry

    really enjoyed listening alun it was a great insight into the wisdom of Robert Tressell thankyou and well done.

  4. Chriso

    There’s a pressing need to raise ourselves from cultural & spiritual poverty brought by mass media & the cult of looking after No 1.

  5. Paul and Lucy Breeze

    Happy New Year Alun – many thanks – we will spread the word.

  6. Carol

    a great insight into the book’s message and its relevance today.

  7. alunparry

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I love this book. I hope this radio ballad can introduce new people to the ideas inside it. Please spread the word.

  8. Louise Baldock

    What a lovely way to spend New Year’s Day, listening to the excellent reasons why socialism is the best way to organise ourselves. And some of my favourite Parry songs too, for an added bonus. Thank you very much for spending time putting this together. I really enjoyed it, although I don’t think you should be reading too much into how old Tressell was when he died! x

  9. Carey

    Diolch yn fawr! Happy New Year!

  10. mike

    excellent listen

  11. Samuel Quigley

    Thank you for recommending this to me. Will definitely share this with friends, family and co workers

  12. alunparry

    Hi Samuel,

    Just seen your comment. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Yes, please share it.

    I’m thinking of getting it made into a CD so that it’s more portable for people.


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