Apr 13

Alun Parry Live On Spencer Leigh Show

I will be appearing live on this Saturday’s Spencer Leigh Show “On The Beat” (14th April) on BBC Radio Merseyside at 7pm.

I will be talking about the forthcoming Woody Guthrie Special at The Phil featuring Woody’s daughter Nora, and about my gigs supporting folk icon Andy Irvine this month.

I’ll also have my guitar with me to do a few numbers live in the studio, so tune in, it’ll be fun.


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  1. john hall

    Spencer you should have got the artist known as WATERLEMON SLIM in the studio .He was playing on tour and on Garston British Legion what a superb performer ! ps be sure to get in CATFISH KIETH when he is touring later this year!

  2. Alun

    Well I’ve lost a bit of weight lately so will do my best to pull off the “slim” part.

  3. john hall

    Alan book WATERMELON SLIM for your big shows and give him a listen he’s a great performer!

  4. Jann

    Hey Al, going to try and tune in tomorrow; it’ll be 2 in the afternoon for me. I’ve had good luck with internet connections for across-the-pond shows, so hopefully that will be the case with yours! Have a great show.

  5. Becks

    Knock ’em dead Al

  6. John Welsh

    Hi Alun,
    just listening to you through the i-player, great show, great songs, especially moved by the Dirty 30. I live in London, from Liverpool, hope to get up for the May show at the Phil, if not, hope it goes well (shame you can’t get it streamed, I know a lot of folks would be very interested in hearing Nora). All the best. John

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