Nov 18

‘Union Of Folk’ Album Released Monday Featuring Alun Parry

Monday 19th November sees the release of a project I’ve been collaborating on in secret called Union of Folk.

Union of Folk is a supergroup gathered together by radical Leeds singer Gary Kaye. We are releasing two songs on Monday, available as downloads on iTunes, Amazon downloads, and CD Baby.

The songs are Union Made (a rewrite of the Woody Guthrie classic) and No Pasaran. The two tracks will also be part of a compilation album available on Monday, and funds from the two tracks will go to the RMT and NUT hardship funds.

Union of Folk is a more than impressive lineup. So here it is.

Alun Parry
Attila The Stockbroker
Boff Whalley and Jude Abbott from Chumbawamba
Cush & The Feral Band
Gary Kaye
Nick Hall & Michelle Plum (The Hall Brothers / PlumHall)
Robb Johnson
Stefan Cush from The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Tracey Curtis


2 pings

  1. Mick Tems

    Hi Alun,
    Could you send me Union Of Folk for review purposes, please? My address is:
    88 Manor Chase,
    Rhondda Cynon Taf, (or RCT),
    Wales CF38 2JE

    All the best,
    Mick Tems

  2. Steve Rigby

    How do you get your hands on a copy of Union of Folk?

  3. alunparry

    It’ll be on iTunes from tomorrow Steve. Or it’ll be on CD Baby if you prefer the disc. Mick, I’ve contacted Gary Kaye to see if he can get a review copy to you.

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