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Aug 11

Jeremy Corbyn and a tale of two Labour Parties


On my travels singing up and down the country, I have played for several local Labour Party events. I’m not sectarian and so, despite my dissatisfaction with Labour’s policies, I imagined they may not represent the actual activists on the ground and I would happily play for them. I only started refusing to play for …

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Apr 23

DWP To Replace Benefit Sanctions With Crack Team Of Acerbic Songwriters

Demotix 19/03/2015

The Department of Work and Pensions has today revealed new plans to ramp up their pressure on benefit claimants by scrapping benefit sanctions. The DWP has announced that it is currently recruiting a crack team of songwriters to pen scathing ditties about claimants instead. A DWP spokesperson said: “Our Minister Hettie McVile got the idea …

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Apr 23

A Poem: The Gig

We have to pay the brewery Cos they supply the beer We have to pay the venue For letting us be here And we have to pay the caterers Cos they bring all the food And we have to pay the bar staff Or else it would be rude We have to pay the sound …

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Mar 13

New Feature: Ask Alun

Screenshot 2015-03-13 10.54.57

Here’s a brand new monthly feature on my website, and it’s called Ask Alun. So ask me anything that you think I might know. I’m really looking forward to hearing your questions. Watch the short video below to find out more. What Shall I Ask? Your questions might be about creative process productivity stuff personal …

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Oct 26

Listen Again: Alun Parry On BBC’s Folkscene

You did what?! You, you, missed it?? Oh well, not to worry. After all it is Sunday. No doubt you were having a chill, or a nice roast dinner, or even watching the footy. Well, whatever you were doing, due to the wonders of the world wide internet thingy, you can listen to it at …

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Oct 22

Alun Parry 1 Hour BBC Special


Get by your radios on Sunday (26th October) at 4pm. BBC Radio Merseyside are broadcasting a one hour special on me, my music and my politics. I was interviewed by broadcasting legend Stan Ambrose for the BBC’s Folkscene show. For those who are outside of Merseyside, you can hear it online by visiting on …

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Jul 29

Artist Of The Week


I’m delighted to announce that I am Jersey Joe’s Artist of the Week over at Pick To Click. Joe specialises in highlighting artists that he thinks his readership should be listening to.  I think the role of curator is a really important one in the world of independent music, and Joe does a really great …

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Dec 03

Video Interview: Immigrants Are Welcome Here


Here is an interview with me by Civic Leicester on the subject of immigration. It took place after the teacher’s strike rally in Leicester in October, and lays out my views on immigration and deportation. The interviewer was Auntie Lou and the videographer was Ambrose Musiyiwa.

Sep 17

So You Missed Folkscene? Listen Again

So you missed my one hour special on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Folkscene on Sunday? Well, actually everybody did to an extent – the last 15 minutes wasn’t broadcast due to a technical glitch. But worry not. You can listen to the whole thing in full for the next few days, thanks to the BBC’s Listen …

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Sep 09

When The Sunlight Shines – Album and Tour Details

My new album, When The Sunlight Shines, is released on Saturday 21st September 2013. It contains a bumper FIFTEEN tracks! I will then be on tour until the Spring. Check how to get the album and where to see me performing live below, as well as reviews of the album which will be added to …

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