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Jan 08

Dick Gaughan Praises Alun Parry

As you’ll know, I had the huge honour of supporting the legendary Dick Gaughan at Hebden Bridge Trades Club last month.

It was great to see Dick in the audience watching me play, and it was better still when we swapped roles and I watched him play!!

Jan 20

Album Review in The Socialist

We Can Make The World Stop CD

This week’s The Socialist newspaper carried a review of my latest album We Can Make The World Stop.

Get yourselves a copy if you can.

Big thanks to reviewer Joel Lane who had the following to say:

Sep 22

New Album Review: 4 Stars in R2 Magazine


The new album We Can Make The World Stop has just been reviewed in the current edition of influential national music magazine R2 (formerly known as Rock N Reel).

Reviewer Eddie Cooney gave it a whopping four stars (woohoo!) and said some rather nice things about it too.

Sep 05

Louise Baldock Reviews The Launch Gig


Photo052Amongst all the album reviews it’s great to see a review of the launch gig itself, so thanks to Louise Baldock for such a full review on her blog.

Louise is a Liverpool Labour Councillor, and blogger extraordinaire.

Sep 02

Big Issue Review

We Can Make The World Stop CD

We Can Make The World Stop CD

Make sure you buy this week’s copy of the Big Issue In The North to check out the latest review of my new album We Can Make The World Stop.

High praise for John Lennon Said, Chasing Yourself, and Together in particular.

Sep 01

Delightfully Crafted Say Students

Another great review for the We Can Make The World Stop album, this time from the student wing of the city.

Ian Hall of writes:

“From start to finish the whole album is delightfully crafted, well written and excellently sung.”

Sep 01

Folk Music In Its Purest Sense


Nerve MagazineNerve Magazine’s review of We Can Make The World Stop has landed on my computer screen.

To read what Matt Ford of Nerve thought of the album, check out Nerve magazine’s website.

Aug 26

The Heart And Soul Of Liverpool


MetroLeafing through the pages of the Metro newspaper today on the train, I saw my ugly mug staring out at me – alongside a review of my new album, We Can Make The World Stop.

Aug 25

A Performer At The Top Of His Game


Alun Parry (picture by Sharon Latham)Another review of the new album ‘We Can Make The World Stop’ has arrived on my desk, this time from the influential Liverpool Acoustic website.

They write:

“The album is a real gem from a performer, songwriter and storyteller at the top of his game.

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