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Oct 23

Companeros Album Released Today


Today is the day! Companeros, the fantastic new album by Ian Prowse is released today, and is now available to download from iTunes. Better still, it’s just £7.99 for a scorcher of an 11 track album. My song My Name Is Dessie Warren is song 2 on the album. I know that many of you …

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Jul 06

Video – Bob Tressell’s Pen


Two weeks ago, I spent the day with Shut Out The Light films, recording a music video for my version of the song Bob Tressell’s Pen. As you know, I’m a massive fan of the book The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. So when Kevin Jones of the Association of the Ragged Trousered shared his fab song …

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Mar 07

Freddie Matthews – Free Download

This song is not mine, only the performance and the recording. It’s a traditional tune, and the words are by Ron Elliott. It tells the true story of Hatfield miner Freddie Matthews who was killed on the picket line in 1972. I have learned and recorded the song in time for my peformance at the …

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Feb 20

New Song Release: Until Midnight Tonight Only – Listen Now

DON’T WAIT. This song disappears at midnight on the 20th February 2015 as it will feature on my next album. Don’t hesitate with this. It’s a newly recorded song. But it’s here for a limited time only. It’s a sneak preview of the enitire song and it will vanish at midnight. So don’t delay. Listen …

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Jan 29

A Tribute to Pop, my Granddad


I always thought that Pop knew the bus drivers. Mum and I would be sat at the Walton depot on the number 46 bus, and Pop would be sat with us, chatting away carefree, as the driver got on and revved up the engine. “You’d best get off now Pop” says Mum. Pop waves her …

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Aug 10

Still Ragged Film – The Casa Tomorrow (Monday)


The gang at Shut Out The Light films have produced a star studded cast for this film celebrating 100 years since the publication of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. The book was my bible when I was a 13 year old and I’ve read it a few times since. It’s also been the inspiration behind many …

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Jul 07

New Song For Coal Miners: Dig Boys Dig


Following my recent blog post, delicately titled Cut The Bullshit and Create, I’ve been making efforts to do just that myself. The song is inspired by a coal miner from Salford who I’ve been hearing a lot about of late. I’ve never met him, but hearing about him sparked something within me. So I began …

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Jun 16

The Dirty Thirty – performed by the Red Leicester Choir


It is more than appropriate that in the 30th anniversary year of the Miner’s Strike, the Red Leicester choir have decided to perform my song The Dirty Thirty. The song commemorates the brave miners in Leicestershire who supported the strike, despite their two and a half thousand colleagues continuing to work throughout. I love Leicester. …

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Feb 14

Liverpool Love Song


It’s Liverpool in the late 1930s. A time when the life of the city is locked to the river and the sea beyond it. When half of the menfolk are dockworkers, and the other half sailors. A time before mobile phones would keep us in daily touch, and lovers sail away for months and months …

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Aug 29

Chile: 40 Years On


I am deeply proud to be playing this event at the Valparaiso Restaurant in Liverpool. It takes place on Friday 6 September 2013 from 7pm. I will be previewing a song from my forthcoming album which is dedicated to Chile, and more specifically to the two main characters in the song – Julio from the …

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