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Apr 23

Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Movie Trailer


921359Today is the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, my favourite book.

To commemorate the anniversary, the film making team at “Shut Out The Light” have released this fabulous trailer of their forthcoming film Still Ragged.

Apr 21

Brand New Live Album Released Today – Live At 81 Renshaw Street


1962839_10152351417556495_1599412123_nI am really happy to share my new live album with you all.

The album is “Live At 81 Renshaw Street.

It has 10 tracks and is live and solo. It was the solo section of my concert at 81 Renshaw Street in September.

Apr 15

The dirty secret of John Hartwell’s brutal killing


allmychildrenI wrote a song about John Hartwell last week. I want to say more about the background to it, so that you know the full story.

John Hartwell’s death in 1972 was a brutal one. He was stripped, tied, and put in a bath of extremely hot water.

Apr 15

Soup For One – New Song


soupI’d love to hear your feedback on this new song that I wrote today.

Send me your comments below.

I always love hearing your thoughts on these songs. It’s a demo version but has come out pretty nice.

Apr 09

Song For John Hartwell


headinhandsI have spent the day writing this song. It was extremely emotional in the writing.

It comes off the back of several days of personal torment as I wrestle with issues around my own training to be a psychotherapist.

Mar 08

Alun Parry Featured On Pete Seeger Tribute


peteseegerI’m very proud to be featured on this excellent Pete Seeger Tribute on Vintage Radio by Nick Wall.

We lost Pete at the age of 94, a true giant of the music world and more.

Mar 08

International Women’s Day


womens-strikeToday is International Women’s Day.

On this day, the Russian Revolution was triggered by demonstrations by women in St Petersburg. They were on strike demanding bread and peace.

They wanted an end to World War One and an end to Russian food shortages.

Feb 14

New Song Written Today: On This Old Guitar

A39O1020I wrote a new song today for all of us lonely souls on Valentine’s Day.

It’s another that I’ve recorded scruffily on my phone. But it has some charm for all of that.

It’s called on This Old Guitar.

Feb 14

Hang Me Oh Hang Me

Film still from Inside Llewyn Davis

Film still from Inside Llewyn DavisI went to see the Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davies the other day.

It’s a film about the trials and tribulations of a folk singer, so you can see why it appealed.

Feb 14

Liverpool Love Song


p1030625It’s Liverpool in the late 1930s. A time when the life of the city is locked to the river and the sea beyond it. When half of the menfolk are dockworkers, and the other half sailors.

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