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Oct 23

Companeros Album Released Today


Today is the day! Companeros, the fantastic new album by Ian Prowse is released today, and is now available to download from iTunes. Better still, it’s just £7.99 for a scorcher of an 11 track album. My song My Name Is Dessie Warren is song 2 on the album. I know that many of you …

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Sep 05

NEW: An Hour With Alun Parry


I’m really delighted to be able to share this hour of conversation and song with you. I was the guest of the lovely Steve Stroud this week on his fabulous Big Cloud Podcast. The show has come out really well, and it’s just over an hour of conversation peppered with five songs recorded live in …

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Aug 09

Why You Need To Buy The New Ian Prowse Album


Is it narcissistic to have your own song playing at full blast on repeat? Well, ordinarily I’d say “yes, a bit”. That’s so not the kind of thing I’d do. But this time it’s different. You see, I’ve spent the last few days turning up my speakers to eleven, and then blasting out my song …

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Jul 06

Video – Bob Tressell’s Pen


Two weeks ago, I spent the day with Shut Out The Light films, recording a music video for my version of the song Bob Tressell’s Pen. As you know, I’m a massive fan of the book The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. So when Kevin Jones of the Association of the Ragged Trousered shared his fab song …

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Mar 07

Freddie Matthews – Free Download

This song is not mine, only the performance and the recording. It’s a traditional tune, and the words are by Ron Elliott. It tells the true story of Hatfield miner Freddie Matthews who was killed on the picket line in 1972. I have learned and recorded the song in time for my peformance at the …

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Feb 20

New Song Release: Until Midnight Tonight Only – Listen Now

DON’T WAIT. This song disappears at midnight on the 20th February 2015 as it will feature on my next album. Don’t hesitate with this. It’s a newly recorded song. But it’s here for a limited time only. It’s a sneak preview of the enitire song and it will vanish at midnight. So don’t delay. Listen …

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Jan 24

A Love Song For Fellow Weirdos Everywhere


Hey fellow weirdos! Here’s a first song for the new year which I’ve just finished recording. Oooh about five minutes ago. It’s called The Odd Couple Song and it’s for all of us weirdos everywhere, with love. Weirdos of the world unite! Enjoy the tune. Stamp yer weird feet and clap yer weird hands. And …

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Sep 17

The Live Album Is Here!! Buy It Now!

2014-09-17 14.14.46

Hooray! I’m very excited! The live album has just arrived. Look at them all sat there in their box, just waiting for you to buy a copy. I’m really pleased with it. But I’ll be even more pleased if they don’t stay in this box much longer. I’d much rather they were on your CD …

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Sep 13

SONG: Bob Tressell’s Pen


This song was not written by me. Only the performance is mine. It was written by Kevin Jones from the Association of the Ragged Trousered. I was recently in a movie commemorating the centenary of the publication of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. Kevin was at the showing of the film with his …

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Sep 11

Pre Order The Live Album CD Now


You can now preorder my new live album – Live At 81 Renshaw Street – as a CD. I got lots of feedback from friends and supporters that you really wanted the album, but as a CD rather than a download. So I’ve listened to that, and got the CD produced for you. I listened …

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