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Jan 21

When The Sunlight Shines – Lyric Videos For Every Song

There are now lyric videos available for every song from my new album When The Sunlight Shines.

Feel free to Karaoke away, and to pass them on to your friends.

Here’s an example of one below, with the song After All Of This Time.

Sep 18

I’m Under The Knife – But Check Out This 10 Year Old Lad Doing An Alun Parry Cover

Right gang, I’m taking a breather for a few weeks because I’m under the knife in the morning.

Nothing too serious, just an op on my leg, but it means I won’t be gigging for a few weeks as a result.

Feb 14

Live Videos From My Radical Liverpool Gig

The good folk at the Radical Liverpool night recorded a lot of my recent gig there, and the vids are being uploaded as we speak so more to follow.

I Wanna Be A Folk Star

Waiting For The Lovers

Nov 26

Greedy Fingers – The Video to the N30 Song

Bolton UNISON commissioned me to write a song supporting the strikes about to take place on November 30th.

Check out the unofficial video to go with it.

Click here to download Greedy Fingers from iTunes

Jun 10

Live Life Like You’re Playing A Song

About 18 months ago I wrote a blog about how the journey is more important than the goal. You can read it here if you’d like a reminder.

May 05

Sam Meech’s Film About March 26 London Demo

Check out film maker Sam Meech’s interesting short film documenting the March 26th demo in London.

If, like me, you were on that demo then you might even spot yourself.

Apr 11

Video: How do you write songs?

This short interview was just as a sound test for the lapel mic, hence not being framed too pretty – but I thought you may find it interesting anyhow.

Mar 08

Listen To My ‘Dirty Thirty’ BBC Interview

If you missed my interview yesterday morning regarding the struggle of the Dirty Thirty during the Miners Strike you can click the link below to listen in to myself and author David Bell whose book inspired my song.

Mar 05

BBC Radio Leicester on Monday

Those in the Leicestershire area will be able to listen in to the Breakfast Show on Radio Leicester on Mon (7 March) to hear me chatting about my new song The Dirty Thirty.

Feb 20

Gary Kaye Sings My Name Is Dessie Warren

I’ve just been sent this from Yorkshire radical songster Gary Kaye.

I’ve shared the bill with Gary a few times, memorably at The Red Shed, and also when supporting the Leeds refuse workers who were on a lengthy strike.

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