Here are some questions I’m commonly asked. I’ll add more as I’m asked them.

Still feel free to get in touch by mail and stuff, but hopefully it helps to have the answer immediately.

What gigs do you say no to?
Do you do songwriting commissions?
I love your songs and I’m a performer too. Can I sing them?
What is your fee for doing a gig?
Do you do things for free?
Can you organise an event for me?
I’m an acoustic musician. Can you recommend anywhere in Liverpool for me to play?
Do you run AFC Liverpool?
Is it true you started off as a busker?
I’m a lyricist/tunewriter. Would you be interested in a songwriting partnership?

Q.What gigs do you say no to?

I have a fairly rough, but nonetheless, well considered gig criteria.

The main one is that if there isn’t going to be a listening audience there’s no point booking me. I tell stories, albeit using music, and stories need to be listened to.

If the gig is going to be parked in the middle of someone else’s night out then I’m not the right artist for that environment.

So as a guide, the gig really needs to be taking place in a separate room from where casual passing trade is.

In other words, all the people in the room where I’m playing have chosen to be there rather than just turned up for their usual night out and found me there singing at them.

Q. Do you do songwriting commissions?

Yes I do. Get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning me to write a song.

If I like the idea and decide to get involved you’ll end up with a great song that will represent your story well.

Q. I love your songs and I’m a performer too. Can I sing them?

Yes absolutely. The more people singing my songs the better. The main reason I perform is to get the stories and songs to as many people as possible. You singing them only helps that. As long as you credit me as the writer, sing away!

Please let me know you’re singing them as part of your repertoire though. I’ll even publicise your shows so people know where they can hear my songs live.

In fact, I’m keen to build relationships with other performers who want to sing my songs so I’d be keen to hear from you.

Q. What is your fee for doing a gig?

Well I love playing and singing and telling my stories so the gig you can have for free.

It’s just the travelling and the hanging around and the yukky dull stuff surrounding the gig that you’ll have to pay me for!

My standard fee for that yukky stuff is in the region of £350.

However, if you’re not one of the big boys, ask about my discounted fee of £100 plus travel.

It’s a price particularly affordable for first time gig organisers who would like to arrange a house gig or a gig in the back room of a local pub.

Q. Do you do things for free?

I do things for no fee which means I get out of pocket expenses, but I only do this in certain circumstances. Feel free to read this post http://parrysongs.co.uk/go/2010/10/are-you-entitled-to-a-free-live-show/ for more info.

Q. Can you organise an event for me?

Unfortunately I no longer organise events in the way I used to. It was good experience but it’s not something I do any longer.

If you want to sort out a gig for me to play and have little experience, do ask though as I can give you some tips. It’s easier than you think.

Q. I’m an acoustic musician. Can you recommend anywhere in Liverpool for me to play?

The local expert on such matters is my good friend Graham Holland who runs the excellent liverpoolacoustic.co.uk

Visit his website and check out the acoustic diary that he maintains. He’s in touch with pretty much all the events that are featured, and does an excellent event of his own.

Q. Do you run AFC Liverpool?

No. AFC Liverpool was my idea, and I am the club founder but I am no longer on the board of the club.

I am Life President of the club and proud to be so, but if you’re after someone who has authority to make decisions then you can contact the current board on info@afcliverpool.org.uk

Q. Is it true you started off as a busker?

Yes it is. In fact I was a champion busker!

I was the Liverpool Echo Merseyside Busker of the Year.

Q. I’m a lyricist / tunewriter. Would you be interested in forming a songwriting partnership?

I’m afraid I just don’t work well that way for two reasons.

Firstly, If I’m working in a songwriting partnership I never feel able to be as critical of their work as I am of my own so I don’t like the dynamics of it, and I end up selling the song down the river as a result.

Secondly, I always write words and music at pretty much the same time. If someone gave me a tune and said “put words to it” I tend to struggle. It’s just not how I write.


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