Jul 07

New Song For Coal Miners: Dig Boys Dig

MinerFaceFollowing my recent blog post, delicately titled Cut The Bullshit and Create, I’ve been making efforts to do just that myself.

The song is inspired by a coal miner from Salford who I’ve been hearing a lot about of late. I’ve never met him, but hearing about him sparked something within me.

Jul 07

The Internationale: Listen Now

INTERNATAs I travel the country doing gigs, I will often end my shows with a stirring rendition of The Internationale.

It’s a wonderful song. Whenever I’m in the doldrums, I find that a brisk walk while belting out The Internationale not only arouses some odd looks from passers by, but lifts my mood into the bargain.

Jun 25

5 Key Myths Of The Music Industry – applying the lessons of successful indie fiction writers

writepublishrepeatI’m going to let you into a secret. I want to write a novel. I’ve got an idea for it and everything. If I tell it well I think you’ll really like it.

So I’m currently exploring all sorts of stuff on writing. 

Jun 23

Cut The Bullshit And Create

the-beatles-1963130912Being a musician is really sexy.

Just imagine it. 

Picture yourself sat behind a computer sending emails out to bookers and festivals, while the sun is shining outside and your guitar is getting all dusty and lonely.

Jun 23

A Life Enriched And Enriching?

RaftTylerFor a couple of months I’ve lacked a bit of direction. It’s not like me. I get out of bed each morning looking forward to the day. But not so much recently.

Jun 16

Trades Unionists: TUC Conference, Liverpool – Book Me For A Conference Gig

Congress2014Are you planning anything for TUC Conference? It’s here on my doorstep in Liverpool this year.

It would be mad not to get me to play for you.

I know many of you will be attending TUC Conference, and organising events around it.

Jun 16

The Dirty Thirty – performed by the Red Leicester Choir

10773It is more than appropriate that in the 30th anniversary year of the Miner’s Strike, the Red Leicester choir have decided to perform my song The Dirty Thirty.

Jun 14

New Song By My Mum – How Many People

guitarcloseupMy Mum popped round earlier this week. I’ve been pestering her for ages to share her songs with me. She finally did.

You’ll remember that it was her that came up with the Oh Mr Cameron song, so she has a fine pedigree.

May 12

The Christians + Alun Parry – This Thursday in Crosby

Wychwood2011-TheChristians-KAW06The Christians and Alun Parry will be joining forces to get rid of the fascist MEP Nick Griffin.

In a bid to raise awareness for the forthcoming European Elections, Hope Not Hate and Sefton Unison have put on a fantastic evening of live music, film and talk at Crosby Plaza Cinema on Thursday.

Apr 23

Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Movie Trailer

921359Today is the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, my favourite book.

To commemorate the anniversary, the film making team at “Shut Out The Light” have released this fabulous trailer of their forthcoming film Still Ragged.

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