Jan 24

A Love Song For Fellow Weirdos Everywhere

10926789_10153126454501495_5711438035812590315_oHey fellow weirdos! Here’s a first song for the new year which I’ve just finished recording. Oooh about five minutes ago.

It’s called The Odd Couple Song and it’s for all of us weirdos everywhere, with love.

Jan 18

You Are Not A Book, You Are A Movie

Movie-ScreenI tend not to watch film adaptations of books that I’ve loved. I prefer the richness of books.

Books offer so much more than movies. Firstly, they are not limited by time. The author doesn’t need to fit the story into just 90 minutes.

Dec 31

Gig Dates 2015

Alun ParryHappy new year to you all.

I hope 2015 is fab for you and we get rid of these bastard Tories.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my shows in 2015.

Dec 03

Final Shows Of 2014 – Dec 12th and 13th

A39O1345My final shows of 2014 will be taking place on December 12th and 13th, so please come out to bid the gigging year farewell.

I’m in Leicester on Friday December 12th at The Looking Glass for a full two hour show.

Nov 28

Forget Black Friday! Let’s Start RED Friday Weekend!!!

black-fridayHere’s something you can get involved in so read it through to the end. It could be amazing if we did this.

Nov 12

All Quiet On The Western Front

1908433_593299587459001_5879398025774777623_nI will be appearing in the production of All Quiet On The Western Front, starting this Friday at The Casa.

The production is a stage adaptation of the great anti war novel.

Nov 11

Discover Liverpool’s Unsung Anti Slavery Hero (Wed 12th Nov)

RushtonLiverpool has a sorry history in terms of its role in the horrific slave trade.

Much of Liverpool’s initial wealth was built on the profits from this trade in slavery, yet there were those at the time who argued vociferously against it.

Nov 06

Two Big Gigs This Weekend

Alun ParryWhether you’re in Lancashire or Yorkshire, I’ll be in your neck of the woods this weekend.

On Saturday I’m performing at An Evening of Resistance in Wigan, upstairs at Joe’s Bar.

Then on Sunday, I’ll be in Holmfirth in Huddersfield, for a full two hour show.

Oct 26

Listen Again: Alun Parry On BBC’s Folkscene

BBC Radio Merseyside Folk SceneYou did what?! You, you, missed it??

Oh well, not to worry. After all it is Sunday.

No doubt you were having a chill, or a nice roast dinner, or even watching the footy.

Oct 22

Alun Parry 1 Hour BBC Special

bbc-logo-21217808Get by your radios on Sunday (26th October) at 4pm.

BBC Radio Merseyside are broadcasting a one hour special on me, my music and my politics.

I was interviewed by broadcasting legend Stan Ambrose for the BBC’s Folkscene show.

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