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Apr 03

Love Hope & Resistance at The Bluecoat, May 1st


Presenting a brand new, experimental show to mark this year’s May Day, at The Bluecoat, May 1st, 7.30pm.

Featuring music from Alun Parry alongside a narrative that celebrates solidarity and the story of us.

Mar 07

A Killer Tip For Working Smarter And Setting Yourself Free


Work-Smarter-not-HarderPeople often say to me that they’re amazed at how much I get done. I’m always busy, always up to some project or other. What they don’t know is that I use a collection of hacks and techniques for working smart. It means I can get loads done in super fast time.

Mar 04

10 Key Reasons Why Being Your Own Record Label Is A No Brainer


fotolia_3750424_XSAfter my last post on the record industry, you have been asking for something more concise. So here it is. The 10 key reasons why you HAVE to be your own record label.

Feb 27

Listen Again: Art & Politics Show on LCR

blank-lcr-star-tunein-logo5-300x281I appeared as a guest on Liverpool Community Radio yesterday on the Art & Politics show, hosted by Burjesta Theatre’s Julian Bond.

If you missed it here it is again. I’m on at 68 minutes in and, as well as chatting about my work, I sung a couple of songs live too.

Feb 26

My experience of snubbing the record industry and being my own label


burnsAs an independent musician, I took an early decision to release my music independently of record companies. I faced the option of waiting to get signed, the holy grail of so many artists, or forget all that and get on with it.

Feb 24

Why It’s Time To Be A Stroke Collector


shutterstock_118891501_dogbeingcaressedMy Dad just can’t believe it. “I don’t believe it” he says exasperatedly. Then he sighs and says: “Sod’s law. Bloody sod’s law.”

If you don’t know what sod’s law is, it’s the rule that says “what can go wrong will go wrong.” It’s his favourite saying.

Feb 20

Your doubts are only a sign of your BRILLIANCE!


doubtsbrillianceOne thing that holds me back is self confidence. If I aim too high, or have too ambitious a thought, a voice inside me often scoffs: “Ha! Who the hell are you?”

Feb 14

Hang Me Oh Hang Me

Film still from Inside Llewyn Davis

Film still from Inside Llewyn DavisI went to see the Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davies the other day.

It’s a film about the trials and tribulations of a folk singer, so you can see why it appealed.

Feb 11

Alun Parry Featured on the FATEA Showcase Sessions Album – Download Now

Fatea - Spring 2014

Fatea - Spring 2014My song If Harry Don’t Go has been featured on the album Chemistry, the prestigious FATEA showcase sessions album for Spring 2014.

This album is only available for 3 months and then it vanishes. Just like that.

Feb 11

Alun Parry To Speak at Liverpool Ignite Event


ignite-heartI will be putting my guitar down in order to present one of the talks at the Ignite Liverpool event this Thursday (13th February).

If you’ve never encountered Ignite Liverpool, it is a wonderful mix of brainfood and passion. A series of presenters give 5 minute talks on what they are passionate about. It’s ace.

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