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Sep 13

SONG: Bob Tressell’s Pen


This song was not written by me. Only the performance is mine. It was written by Kevin Jones from the Association of the Ragged Trousered. I was recently in a movie commemorating the centenary of the publication of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. Kevin was at the showing of the film with his …

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Jul 27

Olympics Song – Listen Here


So today is the opening of the Olympics. Hoorah! The nation is in a frenzy. Apparently. All the hype aside, there’ll be some great sporting stories waiting to unfold. Enjoy it. There’s a funny thing that happens at the Olympics though. Groups of strangers who have worked tirelessly to achieve their dream stand at the …

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Nov 25

Greedy Fingers – New Song For The N30 Strikes

Unison Bolton Branch

Greedy Fingers – Alun Parry by alunparry Bolton UNISON commissioned me to write a song supporting the strikes about to take place on November 30th. So here it is. Enjoy! It’s called Greedy Fingers. Click here to download Greedy Fingers from iTunes There is no crisis. Only capitalism is in crisis, but we don’t need …

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Oct 19

Song: Don’t Put Me Name On The Board

This will be new to you, but I wrote this song a few years ago, especially for the children at Whitefield School in Liverpool. Playing at Hove Folk Club the other week, I dug it out for the fab Robb Johnson, who is not just one of Britain’s top political folk singers, but also a …

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Oct 05

New Song: We Are Not Afraid

Sophie Lancaster

I sung this song for the first time during my headline set at Hove Folk Club on Friday. But I wrote it on the way to the Sophie Lancaster gig at the end of last month. Sophie was murdered because she dressed like a goth. No other reason. Her friends and family have set up …

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Sep 06

Dessie Warren Featured on Unionsong.com


The song I wrote for the Shrewsbury Pickets Justice Campaign, My Name Is Dessie Warren, has been featured on the Union Songs website. Unionsong.com is an influential collection of rebel songs, songs of freedom, work songs, songs of dissent, protest songs, liberation songs and labour songs. It documents the songs and poems made in the …

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Aug 20

Listen To My Name Is Dessie Warren

Des and Ricky

As promised here is the recorded version of My Name Is Dessie Warren. Click the play button to listen. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] To find out more about the Shrewsbury Justice Campaign simply follow this link. Lyrics Up and down the nation he gave the workers strength and courage Up and down …

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Jun 12

My Name Is Dessie Warren

I know it’s usual for musicians to only share their songs when they’re completed, produced and the full works. But I’ve decided to start sharing works much earlier than that. I wrote a song today. It’s early days so I may tweak it as time passes over the next few weeks. But I’ve uploaded a …

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Jun 08

New Song Live At Glastonwick

I’ve uploaded a new song from my gig at the Glastonwick Festival in Sussex. Let’s know what you think of it. The journey was a 16 hour round trip so I’ll be posting some of the antics from along the way over the next few days. How about some suggestions for a song name for …

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Apr 17

AFC Liverpool Win The Vodkat Trophy – A Pictorial

A moment of history happened tonight. AFC Liverpool, the club I founded last year on socialist principles, won our first trophy in our very first season. If you didn’t hear the official cup final song that I wrote and released last week, then check it out here In dreadful weather, Dean Thurston scored the winner …

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