2010: New Tour Dates

Big Thanks

Alun ParryThanks to everyone for your support this year.

It’s been a lot of fun with the new album release and I’ve met a lot of great new people during the album tour and at the many solidarity events I’ve played at.

Let Me Support You

I am very keen to continue to use my music to benefit people. I’ve never been one to worry too much about the “music industry”. I want the music to touch real people in the real world.

That’s why the comments on the impact page of this website means so much to me.

So if you have a group or cause and want my support, get in touch and arrange for me to play for you.

2010 Tour Dates?

As for touring, I hope to do it all again in 2010 so I’m looking for some places to play. Maybe you can help. Here’s a quick guide as to how.

  • Get your campaign group or union branch to book me for a benefit gig
  • Demand a gig from me in your area by clicking here and I’ll do the rest
  • Contact your friends and tell them to demand a gig from me. Send them the link. It’s http://eventful.com/performers/alun-parry-/P0-001-000026137-2/demand
  • Recommend me to your local folk club or acoustic night
  • Tell me about your local folk club or acoustic night. You can get in touch with me here
  • Organise a small gig yourself

Organise A What?

Organising a gig isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially if you aim small.

Ask the local publican for use of a back room in his pub for free. Or get a friend with a decent sized living room to host a house gig.

Then invite friends if it’s a house gig. Or if not, put up some posters advertising the gig.

Then contact people in the local folk, acoustic and political circles, and any friends who you think might come along.

Just ten listeners and I’ll be happy to come and play for you.

Easy eh! Get yourself and nine extra people to attend a gig, and I’ll be there. Let me know by clicking here.

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