A Poem: The Gig

We have to pay the brewery
Cos they supply the beer
We have to pay the venue
For letting us be here
And we have to pay the caterers
Cos they bring all the food
And we have to pay the bar staff
Or else it would be rude

We have to pay the sound man
For bringing the PA
And we pay the paid official
From Head Office dressed in grey
We have to pay the printer
For the posters that he’ll print
It seems that from this “Benefit”
The whole world makes a mint!

Well, when I say “the whole world”
That’s not exactly true
Cos if you’re the musician
That doesn’t include you
And though there is no show at all
If you don’t play your part
You’re the one who does it
Out the goodness of your heart

Cos brewers they have homes to heat
And other bills they’re sent
And caterers have families
And bar staff must pay rent
And the printers and officials
They need clothes to wear
But musicians are a special case
Cos they live on fresh air!

So if you want to pay them too
Please don’t be premature
Only a *starving* artist
Is an artist that is pure
Then hold them up to judgement
If they find another wage
We must ensure they stay as poor
Even when off the stage.

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