Alun Parry Featured on the FATEA Showcase Sessions Album – Download Now

Fatea - Spring 2014My song If Harry Don’t Go has been featured on the album Chemistry, the prestigious FATEA showcase sessions album for Spring 2014.

This album is only available for 3 months and then it vanishes. Just like that.

It features some of the best emerging artists, all of whom have impressed the FATEA team this year. This is FATEA’s way of telling you about the artists they love.

So as well as my song, you’ll also hear Becky Mills, The Frisbys, Ben Avison, Hannah Robinson, The Jamie Freeman Agreement, James Harker, Tom Moon, Kath Reade, Kelly Oliver, Ben Smith, Roja, Snake Mary, Scowlin Owl, Ron Sayer Jr & Charlotte Joyce, and The August List.

It’s a wonderful 16 song collection from a range of genres that I know you’ll love. Get your ears around it. It’s free.

Right click here and press SAVE AS to download the album for free.

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