Alun Parry Seeks Collaborators For Innovative New Show

womens-strikeI am seeking collaborators for my innovative new show at The Bluecoat on May 1st, entitled Love Hope & Resistance. The show is a mixture of spoken word and my music.

It will be an uplifting celebration of social struggle. I want people leaving with their hearts full and their spirits high. In a time when we can see our losses, this show will remind us of our huge gains, and how we won them.

There will be five spoken word sections, each ten minutes long. Each piece needs to add to the narrative just described, ideally be rooted in story in some way, and be ultimately uplifting and stirring.

I am looking for people who might want to do one of the ten minute pieces.

I will be doing at least one of the pieces myself.

The 4 remaining themes are:

Fear, Hate and Compliance

If you are keen to come up with a ten minute piece, whether that be a talk, story telling, dramatic vignette or something else then get in touch with me via my contact page.

My initial aim was to do each of the spoken word sections myself, and that’s still a possibility. So I’m looking for people whose idea persuades me to give way.

Note: the show is an experimental one and the door fees from the public will cover my costs only so it can’t be viewed as paid work either for you or myself.

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