Alun Parry Sings Official AFC Liverpool Cup Final Song

It’s traditional for football teams to release a cup final song in the run up to a Wembley appearance.

But how many non league teams heading for a cup final get a cup final song?

Well AFC Liverpool has.

It was something of a sudden project.

At the end of AFC Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Norton United on Tuesday night, Dave Smither, one of the club’s steering group members put the idea to me that we needed a cup final song and would I be up for it.

But given the final is on the 16th April we needed it quick.

I’m not normally that used to writing songs to order. I normally let them gestate and come out naturally.

But I picked up my guitar first thing on Wednesday morning and within half an hour the song was done.

Next task was to get a studio sorted. I contacted Brett to see if I could use his studio and he generously agreed – and was even able to book me in the next day!!

Thanks to Brett for contributing his engineering and percussion skills.

My normal bassist was busy (which is a shame as he’s a Red too).

But Steve Reid (also a Red) of the great Liverpool band The Mono LP’s answered my mercy call and so turned up this morning at the studio to add his talents.

Completing the team was our very own Shaz who joined the impromptu Kop choir.

For a project that was so quickfire I think it’s come out pretty well. So thanks to all involved for giving their time and equipment freely and promptly.

Let’s hope the song can build some momentum behind the team for Thursday.

To hear the song and download it FREE then simply click here

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