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  • Get A Brand New Commercial Quality Recording Every Month

    Every month a brand new song will land in your inbox. This will be an album quality recording. In fact, it will eventually appear on my next album. But instead of waiting months for the album release, you get the song instantly!

  • Get TWO Versions Of Every Song – Acoustic AND Full Band

    I know that some people prefer the full band treatment, and others prefer it just me and my guitar. So I’ll be sending you TWO versions – the full band version, and the stripped back version.

  • In Depth Video Explaining What The Song Means

    Every song has a story. I’ll be pulling up a chair, switching on my video camera, and letting you know exactly what the song is about, and what was going on in my mind as I created it.

  • Listen In As The Song Is Being Created

    I write songs using a sound recorder and my voice. This means that all my songs were recorded as they were being written. You will get a TOP SECRET audio file every month that gives you unprecedented access so you can witness the song actually being created.

  • Private Access To Handwritten Lyrics – Scribbles And All

    When it comes to crafting the song, I often start writing it down. So where they exist, I’ll dig out the hand written workings out. You’ll see original lyrics, crossings out, rhyming schemes, and unused ideas as I put the song together.

  • Official Song Lyrics and Chords

    Sing along and play along with me. I will be giving you the official final lyrics to the song, as well as the actual chords I play. No more figuring it out for yourself.

  • Celebrated In My Hall Of Fame

    Your help means I can create and share far more music than I otherwise could, which means I get to share far more stories than I otherwise could. So you will be celebrated in my official online Hall Of Fame as my way of celebrating your invaluable contribution.

  • Private Facebook Members Group

    My private and exclusive Facebook members group is a place where we can hang out together. You can discuss the new songs and stories with other fans. You can even share your own stories, poems and songs too.

Thanks so much for your support….

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]…it’s beyond invaluable.

By supporting me in this way, you are ensuring the production of songs and recordings that simply couldn’t happen otherwise.

You are enabling me to devote more time to writing new songs, and you are enabling me to dedicate more time to the process of recording them.

As these songs emerge over the coming months, you can rightly be proud of the fact that, without you, they would never have happened at all.

Your support will have a huge impact.[/text_block]

Thanks and best wishes,



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