Alun’s Weekly Podcast (3rd September 2017)

In this week’s show I tell you my favourite self-invented joke, talk transfer windows, songwriting collaborations, and I share my favourite strategy for self forgiveness.

All played out by this week’s Song of the Week.

Notes: the link for the Connecting Communication workshop on September 23rd is



  1. neil - September 3, 2017 @ 11:03 am

    Hi Alan,
    Loved the podcast again this morning….
    Really fancy a history session with your guitar at the cafe one evening. What sort of cost implication does it have?

  2. bill ball - September 3, 2017 @ 11:58 am

    Hi Al

    Thanks for another thought provoking podcast.

    Firstly, as a retired cleaning professional, let me counsel against washing your floor with bleach. It will corrode you floor covering, rot your mop head & potentially create a poison chemical reaction if it comes into contact with other cleaning agents.

    On the question of forgiving ourselves, I wonder if we differentiate between forgiving and excusing ourselves. To err is human, to forgive is divine. If I am able to forgive myself, am I justifying to myself, that which is unforgivable to others?

    Do you think perhaps, that we should rather, acknowledge our errant behaviour and recognize that baggage of guilt that we carry is transformatory? In accepting our guilt, we are putting down a marker to ourselves in regard to future conduct?

    Isn`t guilt a moral sign post telling us in what social and spiritual direction we should be travelling?

    Do we not not need to learn from our mistakes, but need the forgiveness from those who have been affected by those mistakes?

    A bit confused… But I hope you can see what I`m getting at. I recommend the short talks on You Tube on such issues as courage & forgiveness, given by the martial artist & writer, Geoff Thompson.

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