Are You A Twaddict?

Within the last couple of months I’ve become a daily Twitter user.

I must admit I like it. I pick up some useful articles and blogs from the links people post, and I’ve even started chatting to a few interesting people in my twitterverse.

Oh, twitterverse? Well it’s like Universe but limited to Twitter. People on twitter start talking like that. Things tend to start with tw a lot too.

A festival of twitter users becomes a twestival. People on twitter become tweeple.

We can only hope that cats never start using it!

But that’s another story….

If you’re twaddicted to your twitterverse then enjoy a bit of self parody with this fab movie animation.

And if you think everyone in twitter is a stupid big nerdy moron (like me!) then watch it as you point and laugh.

The irony is – I found this on Twitter!!

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