Beatles Night on Friday

M19 Bar in Levenshulme, Manchester are playing host to a special Beatles night on Friday, and I just couldn’t resist the offer of playing it.

The Beatles AcousticFest kicks off at 7pm and features a range of artists (including little old me) playing a mix of originals and Beatles covers.

I’m going to let my hair down and so only one of my set won’t be from The Fab Four (well, The Fab Three and Ringo).

Keeping with a Beatles theme, even the self-penned song that I’ll be singing is called John Lennon Said, which is from my forthcoming album We Can Make The World Stop.

Full details are on the gigs page, so hope to see you on Friday with your mopheads and your yeah yeah yeah’s.

To see the story that inspired the John Lennon Said song, see the vid below.


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