Beginnings – A Poem

stlukesI don’t normally write poems. But I wrote this one and have been encouraged to share it.

So here it is. I have it recorded as a reading, as well as the words of the poem itself – I almost said lyrics.

I hope you like it.

She breezes into my world
Like a feather on the wind
A distant vision
Her hair flowing with her coat tails

Striding towards me, closer now
Every meek belief in me forsaken
And here was I
Stood outside this ruined church
The perfect place for faith to find a foe

Inside, we sit up high
Face to face
Knee touching knee
A heavy, ornate teapot
Our only other company

The Eastern lilting from her lips
With fresh rhythm
Reinvents these tired tunes
And when she says
She purrs and flutters across the word
And I with her

#alun parry#poem

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