Behind The Scenes In Bury

Earlier today I posted my recordings of the two songs from my songwriting workshop at the National Street Choir Festival in Bury, and the stories that inspired them.

But I was going through my own audio recordings from each workshop and so I am posting them here as they offer a lovely behind the scenes insight.

Those at the festival, and especially those who took part in the workshops, may want to hear them.

It’s great to hear as it’s not just me singing, but the songwriters themselves!

The first clip below is the first group singing their song Didn’t We Do Well during the workshop itself.

Bury Workshop 1 by alunparry

The second clip is more in-depth and so is a little longer, but it’s not often one can hear a song being created as it is being written, which is what I’ve managed to capture.

These are moments from the workshop where the songwriters are creating, discussing and singing their song Together We Are Free.

Bury Workshop 2 by alunparry

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  1. Cee Martin - July 17, 2012 @ 9:14 am

    What a treat, to hear us giving our song it’s first airing! Thanks for your inspirational workshop, and for going the extra mile and putting our song on your site. It was great to hear your version, and I really enjoyed listening to the 12 of us adding our enthusiastic voices and clapping on this clip.

  2. alunparry - July 17, 2012 @ 9:22 am

    It was more than a pleasure Cee. Thanks for your kind words. I found it inspirational too. You all inspired me!!

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