BNP On Question Time

So next week’s Question Time will help to publicise the twisted thoughts of fascist Nick “White Power” Griffin who will take his seat around the BBC’s Question Time table as if he was a legitimate politician.

I’m not going to spend too much time on the fact that the BBC doing this is a disgrace.

I’m instead going to focus on better ways to stop this happening than I’ve seen so far.

I’ve seen petitions, letter writing campaigns, calls for demonstrations outside regional BBC headquarters, and calls to lobby to change the law.

Well some of them have no chance of stopping Griffin, and some have only a small chance.

They all seem to depend on lobbying higher powers so I don’t have much faith in them as strategies.

So here is how to stop the broadcast of the BNP on Question Time without lobbying a single politician or BBC big cheese.

To send out a live TV broadcast depends on a whole host of working folk doing stuff to make it happen.

There are directors, assistant directors, editors, assistant editors, producers and assistant producers, graphics operators, teleprompt operators, boom operators, camera operators, camera assistants, mixers, directors, lighting people, electricians, engineers, fixers, floor managers, gaffers, graphic designers, sound engineers, production assistants, and more.

They will be trades unionists in the main (and if they’re not we should be organising them).

If those people don’t do the work required to send fascist ideology across the BBC’s airwaves then Question Time simply won’t happen.

So here’s a very direct, powerful and union response to the BNP Question Time issue.

Forget the lobbying. Power is in the hands of the workers – as ever.

Trades unionists walk out, backed fully and unwaveringly be their unions. Refuse to labour in order to promote fascism.

That would stop the broadcast of Question Time no matter what the MPs and the BBC bigwigs had to say. So why hasn’t that been the main plank of the campaign?

Listen to We Can Make The World Stop: [audio: PARRYWS01.mp3]

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