Buy the Hillsborough Tribute Record

I was honoured to attend the official launch of the Hillsborough Tribute record "Fields of Anfield Road" yesterday at The Picket.

The CD is on sale from April 6th and remembers those who died at Hillsborough 20 years ago this year.

It was good to see Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez take time out of his schedule to appear at the event.

Former Reds captain Phil Thompson gave an impassioned speech to a venue decked with Liverpool banners remembering the 96.

The premiere of the song and DVD were shown and it really is fantastic.

It features Kenny Dalglish amongst many great ex Reds singing along to the chorus, but the lead vocals are taken by John Power.

It has to be said that John is superb. I love his voice anyhow. It has that Lennon rasp to it. His delivery of this song was simply perfect.

Congratulations to all involved for a wonderful product.

It’s up to us all now to buy it and put the 96 back in the forefront of everybody’s minds nationwide.

Nothing would please me more than this track getting to number 1 in the charts, and we can make it happen by buying it the moment it is released.

Our friends still haven’t had justice. We have not forgotten. We never will.

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