Crazy Sale: Entire Back Catalogue

My new album is being released on the 21st September.

To celebrate and to clear some room for the new album, I’ve decided to have a crazy sale of my entire back catalogue for SEVEN days only.

This comprises two full albums and an EP.

Corridors Of StoneWe Cand Make The World Stop CDLiverpool 800

We Can Make The World Stop normally sells at £12.
Corridors of Stone normally sells at £10.
Liverpool 800 EP normally sells at £6.

That’s £28 for all three.

Typically, a sale like this would knock 25% off. That would ensure you get the lot for just £21.

But that would just be a sale. It wouldn’t be a CRAZY sale.

So how about chopping the price in half, and having the lot for £14?

Nah, still not good enough.

Instead, you can have EVERY song that’s EVER made it onto disc for just £10.

So that’s £10 for 3 physical CDs and 28 songs. But hurry, because on the 26th August I’ll be taking this offer down.

Once the seven days are up, that’s it, and the prices go back to normal and your tenner will only buy you Corridors of Stone on its own. Why wait? Buy the lot for £10.

Offer ends at midnight when Sunday becomes Monday 26th August.


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