Eeek! Will I Make A Good Father Christmas?

A week tomorrow (Sun 4th December) I’ll be donning my Father Christmas outfit and running the 5k Santa Dash.

Please sponsor me by going to my JustGiving page – it’s for BeOnePerCent supporting HIV/Aids prevention.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that I went from my slobby couch to a fairly advanced running schedule in the space of a few months, thanks to the Couch25k training schedule.

Well this is my first proper public run since I started. And I have to do it dressed as Santa!!

To add to the drama I’ve been ill for pretty much the past month so am all unfit and challenged again.

I ran again for the first time this morning (uugghh!) so have set myself a new training regime to be ready by next Sunday.

Cue Rocky style montage.

Who am I running for?

I’m raising money while I run for an organisation I’ve been involved in since its inception. It’s called BeOnePerCent.

I first heard of it last Christmas while it was in its planning stages.

I was having a festive drink with a bunch of friends, including the wonderful Liverpool musician Steve Pilgrim.

Steve is a great songwriter in his own right, but music fans will also know him as the drummer of Paul Weller no less, and before that John Power.

Steve and some friends had the idea that they could convince people to donate just 1% of their earnings to BeOnePerCent and it would be targeted directly to high impact projects fighting poverty across the world.

It’s now well up and running so that’s what I’m asking you to do too.

Sponsor me for 1% of your pay this month and in return I’ll make a divvy of myself running round Liverpool in a Santa outfit for 5 kilometres.

Stick with BeOnePerCent

To become part of the regular BeOnePerCent community funding fab things each month with just 1% of our dosh then visit BeOnePerCent’s website and join us

Last month for instance, we raised enough money so a school of 351 Malawi kids were fed for the entire year, and in April we got 4,500 kids vaccinated against measles.

Sponsor Me Details

Click here to sponsor me – the actual project this month is HIV/Aids Prevention

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