First Review For New Album

We Can Make The World Stop CD

We Can Make The World Stop CD

I’m happy to have received my first review for We Can Make The World Stop.

I’m even happier that it has come from within the labour movement.

The reviewer is Kate Richardson who is Vice President of Manchester Trades Council.

And with TUC Conference taking place here in Liverpool next month, here’s an interesting bit of history.

The very first TUC Congress was called by Manchester and Salford Trades Council back in 1868. So there you go.

Here is Kate’s review of We Can Make The World Stop:

“The album is stunning.

I love the hardline politics.

I love the way you have unashamedly tackled quite difficult subjects like women’s oppression and queer-bashing in such a sensitive and compelling way.

Waiting For The Lovers keeps bringing a tear to my eye.”

If you want to hear Waiting For The Lovers so you know which track Kate refers to, simply press the play button below.


Click here to buy the album.

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