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BBC Radio Merseyside I spent last Monday having the most delightful chat with the legendary broadcaster and musician Stan Ambrose about my new album, We Can Make The World Stop.

Stan has been broadcasting Merseyside folk music on the BBC for over 40 years now, and as well as continuing to be a gigging and recording musician with his trademark harp, he is also the proud recipient of a Scouseology award.

Even more impressive when you consider that Stan hails from Cambridge’s neck of the woods, but has long been a firmly adopted Scouser to the people of Liverpool.

The results of our chat are featured on Stan’s excellent Folkscene radio show on Thursday (3 Sept) on BBC Radio Merseyside.

To listen, tune in on Thursday night at 9.05pm on 95.8FM.

If you’re not local to Merseyside, tune in online.

If you miss the show, don’t worry.

You can catch it again on Tuesday night (8 Sept) at 9pm, or simply use the Listen Again feature where it will be happily stashed away online.

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  1. Steve Foster - January 18, 2016 @ 2:40 pm

    Hi. My name’s Steve Foster. I’m trying to contact Stan regarding a local history research project I’m doing. I’ve seen and chatted with Stan at various points over the last 16 years I’ve been in Liverpool [last time was outside the Brink cafĂ© discussing the Eurozone crises of all things]. Everytime I’ve spoken to Stan he’s someone I found with stories to tell and I can’t think of anyone better I’d like to speak to regarding my research. Wouldn’t be under any pressure, even some pointers would be a help to me at this stage.

    I’m not sure if he has email or whether I should write to him at the station. Here is my email address anyway [email protected]

    Sorry this message has not been about folk. Bizarre really as I’m a fan of the likes of Richard Thompson Bob Dylan and many others to name. I also play a bit so I’ll make a point of listening to the show and past episodes. All the times I’ve spoken to Stan I’ve been unaware of his long-running slot shared with Alan. isn’t that strange.

    If either of you receive this message and I’m talking about you in the third person I apologise. And hello. And thanks.


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