Gig A Week – Help Make It Happen

I’m on a campaign to share my stories far more often than I currently do – and I need your help to make it happen.

I’ve already done my bit by slashing my fee from £350 to just £100 plus expenses.

Why? Because I want to make it possible for ordinary music lovers to easily throw something together and get me to play for you.

And I want to make it more affordable for campaigns, trade unions, small folk clubs, and other events to be able to book me.

The stories I sing about need to be sung to audiences far more often.

Can you help make it happen? Here’s some ways how:

  • Be the local person in my official Gig A Week team – finding opportunities and making contact with local organisers and campaigns
  • Organise a house gig or a gig in the back room of your local pub. I won’t need to plug in.
  • Contact your union or campaign and tell them to book me
  • Get your local folk club to book me
  • Do you attend a society of any kind where I’d make a great “speaker”

You can get in touch here at my contact page. Let’s make it happen and let as many people hear the stories that first inspired me.

Please help if you can. Thanks.

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