alun parry

"Uplifting, soul stirring, defiant and triumphant"

Show Dates

Sunday December 3rd 2023
Prohibition Studios,
Arrad Street,
Doors 2.30pm 


Full Gigography (from 11 Apr 2006)


May, Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool


10 July, St James Wine Vault, Bath
26 May, Woolworth Sports & Social Club, Rochdale
22 June, Bolton Socialist Club, Bolton
17 February, 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool


22 November, The Brink, Liverpool


30 September, Glossop Labour Club
23 September, Bolton Socialist Club
19 & 20 July, Modern Myths, Liverpool
30 June, The Aldelphi, Leeds
24 June, House Gig, Crosby
17 June, One World Folk Club, Oldham
2 June, The Big Heart Studio, Liverpool
19 May, Working Class Movement Library, Salford
3 May, The Atkinson, Southport
28 April, House Gig, Nottingham
27 April, The Regent Sports & Social, Leicester
22 April, Wild Zucchini's, Cockermouth
21 April, Natterjacks, Ulverston
1 April, Sutton Music Group, Sutton
30 March, Connoisseur Ales, St Helens
25 March, Freedom Rider Album Lauch, The Casa, Liverpool
2 March, The Magnet, Liverpool supporting EMILY PORTMAN
25 Jan, The Magnet, Liverpool


1 May, May Day Festival Of Solidarity, Barnsley
28 April, Bob Tressell Festival, Liverpool
2 March, The Atkinson, Southport
27 February, Young Labour Conference, Scarborough
5 February, United We Stand, St Michael’s Irish Centre, Liverpool
25 January, John Moores University, Liverpool
28 November, The Latest, Brighton
21 November, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
24 October, Cross Keys, Liverpool supporting LEON ROSSELSON
4 October, The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool supporting HENRY PRIESTMAN
3 October, Sound Food & Drink, Liverpool
17 July, Folk on the Farm Festival, Anglesey
4 July, Birkenhead, Wirral
23 May, House Concert, Liverpool
17 May, Wallasey Folk and Acoustic Club, Wirral
16 May, House Concert, Liverpool
8 May, Horwich RMI, Bolton
6 May, The Atkinson, Southport
2 May, Upton Folk Festival
1 May, Upton Folk Festival
28 April, Workers Memorial Day, Liverpool
11 April, Greenstock Festival, Ulverston
25 March, Valparaiso, Liverpool
18 March, Carrington Triangle Folk Club, Nottingham
8 March, Hatfield Miners Strike Commemoration, Doncaster
6 March, International Women’s Day Event, Liverpool
30 January, Jack Jones House, Liverpool

9 November, The Stumble Inn, Huddersfield
8 November, Joe’s Bar, Wigan
24 October, The Unicorn Folk Club, Wheaton Aston
18 October, Dewsbury Socialist Club, Dewsbury
10 October, Hay-on-Wye
28 September, The Musician, Everybody’s Reading Festival, Leicester
27 September, Civic Reception, Everybody’s Reading Festival, Leicester
26 September, Hilton Hotel, Blackpool
20 September, Roots North Festival, Whitby
19 September, Discovery, Whitby
10 September, Wirral Advisory Centre, Wirral
30 August, Almonsdbury, Bristol
29 August, Riverside Tavern, Newport
21 August, The Brink, Liverpool
2 August, The Studio, Widnes
19 July, Bolton Socialist Club, Bolton
12 July, Festival 31, Liverpool
17 May, Brass Cat, Bolton
15 May, Crosby Plaza, supporting THE CHRISTIANS
1 May, The Bluecoat, Liverpool
28 February, Liverpool Acoustic Live, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
15 February, Chesterfield Labour Club, Chesterfield
17 January, Regent Road Club, Leicester
14 December, Green and Red Club, Huddersfield
13 December, Chemic Tavern, Leeds
6 December, @75, Birkenhead
21 November, Gallaghers, Birkenhead
9 November, Hebden Bridge Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
26 October, Wirral Save Our Services, Leasowe
20 October, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool
12 October, Slug & Lettuce for Wirral TUC, Liverpool
3 October, Hand and Heart, Nottingham
2 October, St Cuthberts, Great Glen
1 October, The Musician, Leicester
1 October, Teachers Strike Rally, Leicester
30 September, The Donkey, Leicester
27 September, St Julian’s Rugby Club, Newport
21 September, 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool
18 September, 12 Bar Club, London
6 September, Valparaiso, Liverpool
30 July Earls Wood Camp, Birmingham
21 July, Casa, Liverpool
20 July, Casa, Liverpool
14 July, Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh
18 June, with GRACE PETRIE, UNISON Conference (United Left), Liverpool
7 June, Challenge The One Per Cent Festival, Liverpool
11 May, SUPPORTING JEZ LOWE, Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton
1 May, May Day Commemorations, Liverpool
26 April, RMT, Liverpool
30 March, Hillsborough Benefit, NUT Conference, Liverpool
11 March, Erics, Supporting The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Liverpool
7 March, The Valparaiso, Liverpool

8 December, SUPPORTING DICK GAUGHAN, Hebden Bridge Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
28 November, The Musician, Leicester
22 November, Derby Labour Club, Bolton
5 October, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool
16 September, Hope Street Feast, Liverpool
15 Sepember, International Brigade Exhibition, Liverpool
9 September, Edge Hill Station, Liverpool
8 September, Wigan Diggers Festival, Wigan
18 August, Eldonian Hall, Liverpool
10 August, Studio Two, Liverpool
13 July, National Street Choir Festival, Bury
2 June, MMP Workers, The Picket, Liverpool
1 June, Earthhum, Ring o Bells, Widnes
31 May, Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool supporting NORA GUTHRIE
11 May, New Cleveland Folk Club, Manchester
28 April, Rodewald Suite, Liverpool Philharmonic, supporting Andy Irvine
27 April, Rodewald Suite, Liverpool Philharmonic, supporting Andy Irvine
16 March, Alder Sports Club, Liverpool
11 February, Radical Liverpool, Liverpool
9 February, Observatory Hotel, Blackburn

30 November, Public Sector Strikes Gig, Bolton
11 November, Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Kirkby
4 November, Derby Ward Labour Club, Bolton
3 October, The Dirty Thirty Commemoration, Leicester
18 September, Liverpool Philharmonic (with Ian Prowse), Liverpool
18 September, Hope Street Feast, Liverpool
20 August, Asylum Link Benefit, Liverpool (with RMR)
16 August, Peterloo Commemoration, Radisson Hotel, Manchester (with RMR)
15 August, 1911 Commemoration, Liverpool
14 May, Levellers Day, Burford
8 May, Ferry Tavern, Warrington
28 April, supporting Roy Bailey, Working Class Life & Music Festival, Liverpool
22 April, supporting Leon Rosselson, Working Class Life & Music Festival, Liverpool (with RMR)
17 April, Folk At The Manor Folk Club, Wallasey (with RMR)
15 April, New Cleveland Folk Club, Manchester
4 March, Hebden Bridge Trades Club, Yorkshire
24 February, King George’s Hall, Blackburn
5 February, Anglican Cathedral Liverpool, Merseyside Against the Cuts with Tony Benn
30 January, Morning Star Fundraiser, Chorlton Irish Club, Manchester
23 January, Liverpool Remembers, St Francis Assisi Academy, Liverpool

17 December, Liverpool Acoustic Live Christmas Special, Mathew Street, Liverpool
15 December, Hugh Baird College for the Wellbeing Project, Bootle, Liverpool
27 November, The Raven Inn, Denbighshire, Wales
19 November, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Liverpool
5 November, NW Labour Conference, Royal Clifton Hotel, Southport
30 October, John Lennon Bed In, The Bluecoat, Liverpool
22 October, Musicport Festival, The Spa, Bridlington
19 September, TUC Demo At Liberal Democrats Conference, Liverpool
16 September, Mello Mello, Viva Palestina Benefit, Liverpool
16 October, International Brigade Memorial Trust, The Casa, Liverpool (with RMR)
27 August, Barry Briercliffe Album Launch, View Two, Liverpool (with RMR)
16 August, Peterloo Commemoration, Manchester (with RMR)
25 July, Asylum Link Benefit, Liverpool (with RMR)
4 July, Liverpool Peace & Ecology Festival, St Luke’s Gardens, Liverpool (with RMR)
20 June, Leamington Peace Festival, Leamington (with RMR)
15 May, Levellers Day Festival, Burford, Oxfordshire (with RMR)
28 March, Folk At The Manor Folk Club, Wirral (with RMR)
20 March, Cancer Research Benefit, Static Gallery, Liverpool (with RMR)
25 Feburuary, Woody Guthrie Folk Club, The Ship & Mitre, Liverpool
29 January, Love Haiti, The Cavern, Liverpool


9 December, Remember 1984, The Casa, Liverpool
24 November, with Roy Bailey, The Casa, Liverpool
13 November, Support The Leeds Refuse Workers, The Casa, Liverpool
7 November, Raise Your Banners Festival, Bradford
25 October, Hockley Hustle Festival, Nottingham
16 October, City Screen, York
11 October, Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh
9 October, Centre For Political Song, Glasgow
2 October, Hove Folk Club, Hove
26 September, Phil Ochs Night, View Two, Liverpool
19 September, The Red Shed, Wakefield
18 September, Rumney Folk Club, Cardiff
17 September, Spring Terrace Working Mens Club, with Attila The Stockbroker for Sophie Lancaster Foundation
16 September, Supporting Chumbawamba, The Picket, Liverpool
31 August, Studio2 @ Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
28 August, Album Launch, The Casa, Liverpool
16 August, Peterloo Commemoration, Manchester
31 July, Beatles Night, M19, Manchester
25 July, Peace & Ecology Festival, Liverpool
19 July, Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Dorset
13 July, Institute of Popular Music Conference, Liverpool
4 July, Shrewsbury 24 Campaign, Shrewsbury
8 June, Bar 3345, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
5 June, Glastonwick Festival, Coombes, Sussex
22 May, Supporting Billy Bragg, The Picket, Liverpool
4 May, Manchester May Day, Castlefield Arena, Manchester
18 April, Belfast Visteon Workers, Visteon Factory, Belfast
5 April, Alexander’s Jazz Theatre, Chester
6 March, Irish Festival, Levenshulme, Manchester
24 January, All Together Now TUC Event, CUC Novas, Liverpool
14 January, Mailing List Members Private Gig, Parr Street Studio, Liverpool

31 December, New Years Eve at Studio 2, Parr Street, Liverpool
27 November, Carpe Diem, Leeds
3 October, The Cavern, Liverpool
20 September, Liverpool Working Class Music Festival, The Picket, Liverpool
19 September, Liverpool Working Class Music Festival, The Picket, Liverpool
29 August, DylanFest, Manchester
24 August, Zavvi Store, Liverpool
26 July, Peace And Ecology Festival, Liverpool
5 July, Defend The NHS Rally, St George’s Plateau, Liverpool
13 June, Art Exhibition After Party, Novas, Liverpool
12 June, Oxjam, Parr Street, Liverpool
7 June, Thimbeberry Music Festival, County Durham
31 May, Danish International Songwriters Festival, Denmark
30 May, Maritime Centre, Svendborg, Denmark
29 May, Lundeborg, Denmark
26 May, Cavern Pub, Liverpool
20 May, Cavern Club, Liverpool
10 May, Holmfirth Festival of Folk
1 May, Rock Against Racism Festival, Liverpool
17 April, Hope Not Hate Tour, Liverpool
1 April, HMP Liverpool
27 March, Henry Boons, Wakefield
20 March, Carling Academy, Liverpool
7 March, Fuel Cafe Bar, Manchester
5 March, Carpe Diem, Leeds
21 February, Dry Bar, Manchester
9 January, Bar Blu, Rhyl

18 December, The Zanzibar, Liverpool
14 December, The Pilgrim, Karen Reissmann Fundraiser
9 December, Mercury Flux, Preston
8 December, The Picket, Liverpool
7 December, Liverpool Music Week @ Static Gallery, Liverpool
5 December, Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
1 December, The Picket, Liverpool
22 November, Dry Bar, Manchester
17 November, The Whitworth, Manchester
14 November, Carling Academy, Liverpool
10 November, Raise Your Banners Festival, Bradford
2 November, M19, Manchester
26 October, The Casa, Liverpool
20 October, Liverpool Social Centre
19 October, St Anthony of Padua, Liverpool
19 October, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
9 October, The M Club, Crewe
7 October, Square One, Crewe
2 October, Zanzibar (supporting Dylan James), Liverpool
23 September, The Custard Factory, Birmingham
22 September, Peace and Ecology Festival, St John’s Gardens, Liverpool
6 September, Hanover Hotel, Liverpool
3 September, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
1 September, Bold Street Festival, Liverpool
31 August, Liverpool 800th Birthday Party
30 August, Carters Arms, Kirkby
29 August, Bumpers, Liverpool
28 August, Borders Books, Speke
27 August, BBC Radio Merseyside
27 August, Virgin Megastore, Liverpool
26 August, Head Of Steam, Liverpool
25 August, Virgin Megastore, Liverpool
16 August, Everyman Bistro, Steve Pilgrim Album Launch
27 July, The Casa, Liverpool
22 July, Newton Music Festival
29 June, The Casa, Liverpool
16 June, Wolverhampton Festival, West Park
9 June, Leicester Festival, Abbey Park
2 June, Derby Festival, Bass Recreation Ground
1 June, The Cavern (Back Stage), Sgt Pepper Celebration, Liverpool
31 May, The Cavern (Front Stage), Liverpool
31 May, The Cavern (Back Stage), Sgt Pepper Celebration, Liverpool
27 May, The Cavern (Front Stage), IPO Festival, Liverpool
21 May, Williamson Square for MTV, Liverpool
9 May, Q Inn, Stalybridge
29 April, Bumpers, Liverpool
27 April, The Casa, Liverpool
26 April, De.Bees, Winsford
22 April, FolksFest, Liverpool
21 April, Climate Camp, Liverpool
14 April, Head of Steam, Liverpool
6 April, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
4 April, Vinyl, Liverpool
30 March, The Casa, Liverpool
22 March, Copper Pot, Leamington Spa
16 March, Upholland Labour Club, Skelmersdale
3 March, Love Music Hate Racism, Speke
2 March, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
23 February, M19 Bar, Manchester
9 February, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
6 February, Square One, Crewe
1 February, Bar4Eighty, Chorlton
31 January, Vinyl (formerly Viva), Lark Lane
28 January, Lago, Seel Street, Liverpool
27 January, 3345 Parr Street, Liverpool
16 January, The Pilgrim, Liverpool


31 December, Next To Nowhere, Liverpool
14 December, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
10 December, Roots Festival, Stamps, Crosby
28 November, Blue Cat, Stockport
25 November, Alima Centre, Liverpool
24 November, Borders Speke In Store Gig
23 November, Album Launch, The Casa, Liverpool
18 November, Head of Steam, Liverpool
17 November, Everyman Bistro, Liverpool
10 November, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
5 November, Bumpers, Liverpool Music Week
19 October, Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
13 October, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
24 September, Zanzibar, Liverpool
23 September, View Two, Liverpool
22 September, The Symphony, Liverpool
8 September, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
1 September, Rock Against The War, The Casa, Liverpool
24 August, On An Open Top Bus touring the city, Liverpool
17 August, Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
13 August, St Michaels Cricket Club, Liverpool
8 August, The Pilgrim
27 July, Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
23 July, Barfly, Liverpool
20 July, Refugee Gig, The Magnet, Liverpool
15 July, Night & Day, Manchester
11 July, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
7 July, Nerve Magazine, Liverpool
29 June, Blue Cat, Stockport
28 June, Metro Bar, Liverpool
23 June, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
18 June, Zanzibar, Liverpool
13 June, The Pilgrim, Liverpool
8 June, Arch Bar, Manchester
31 May, DeBees Music Bar, Winsford
24 May, The Pilgrim, Liverpool, supporting 3 Daft Monkeys
23 May – Square One, Crewe
10 May – Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
9 May – The Pilgrim, Liverpool
7 May – Whitworth, Manchester
11 April – The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Alun Parry is a socially conscious storytelling songwriter. His hopeful, uplifting folk songs tell inspiring stories of social and personal change.

He makes you smile as he makes you think. He is "an incurable champion of ordinary people." (R2 Magazine). Musically he has been compared to Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie, and Christy Moore.