Can You Help The Woolly?

Put this smile back on her face

Put this smile back on her face

Just before I left for Tolpuddle at the weekend I got some unpleasant news.

My bezzie mate Shaz, known to you as The Woolly on my video clips, had all of her camera equipment robbed while in Manchester.

And I mean the lot!!


She is utterly devastated. Photography is her life.

She is so generous with her skills. So many local musicians have benefited from her doing photo shoots for them for free.

Good Karma

So I decided it was time for some of that good karma to come back her way.

I’ve set up a way to chip in and help Shaz replace at least some of her photography stuff.

Even the smallest donation will help. Every penny counts.

Click here to help

Thanks to you all for your humanity and support.

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  1. deleted">Kay - July 24, 2009 @ 9:46 am

    Alan (Old_reprobate) has an excellent camera. Get in touch loves? xx
    [email protected]

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