In Bed With Billy Butler

Who better to snuggle up to under a duvet than legendary Liverpool broadcaster Billy Butler?

So that’s what I did on Thursday to promote the bed in at the Bluecoat event taking place right up until early December.

Thanks to Barry Briercliffe for filming it and bunging it up on YouTube.

I’ll be in bed at the Bluecoat again, joined by the Liverpool Socialist Singers, for a day of radical music under the sheets!! Come and join us from 11am til 4pm.

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  1. invigilator - July 31, 2011 @ 8:43 pm

    Billy Butler,…………….hes’ got as much talent as a sack of potatoes,I would’nt pay him with the holes out of washers!!If there was’nt a job called “disc jockey,” he’d be on the dole,where he belongs!!

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