Inside My Head Podcast Broadcasts ‘Beautiful’

The Inside My Head Podcast from the USA has broadcast my song Because You’re Beautiful from the Corridors of Stone album.

It’s 150th episode has the theme of envy.

It’s a tough one to find a host of songs about envy but they’ve somehow managed it.

I’m happy to say that indie artist Jonathan Coulton is also on the playlist with my favourite song of his Code Monkey. Check it out, it’s a fab tune.

After all, I was once a code monkey myself you know. A very miserable one, but one nonetheless.

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  1.">Jen from Inside My Head - May 7, 2011 @ 11:21 pm

    Thanks for listening to my show, and for taking the time to blog about it!
    Your song, “Because You’re Beautiful” seemed a perfect fit for my episode about Envy.

    You were once a code monkey? Very cool!
    I never learned how to code, but I greatly admire people who can do it.

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