Joe Hill Ain’t Dead

joe_hill_100_yearsI’m really happy to be performing at this Saturday’s centenary commemoration for the great union organiser and songwriter Joe Hill, who was executed 100 years ago by the State of Utah.

I often use Joe Hill’s great saying, that if you put a fine idea in a pamphlet it might be read just the once. Put it in a song and it’s sung and shared a million times.

The event takes place on Saturday 21st November at the Liverpool Adelphi Hotel. It is an all day event, featuring theatre, discussion and song.

I’ll be on stage from 8pm. The full day’s events are listed below. All events are completely FREE so just bring your voices.

Eithne Browne will introduce Joe and get events underway with music and rhyme.
Followed by the play: ‘The Joe Hill Dream’.

3.30 – 5.30pm:
Northern ReSisters – Bernadette Hyland, Christine Clark and Honor Donnelly – women activists and performers lead the discussion about the relevance of Joe Hill for today, including poetry and songs from: Jennifer Reid, Alison Down, Arthur Adlen and Gerry Ffrench.

Evening entertainment from 7.30pm:

Claire Mooney: “Funny, observant and absorbing, and all in a song too!”
Alun Parry: “Songwriter and rousing political singer.”
‘67’: Liverpool band whose beat will get yer legs movin’