Leeds Strike Victory!!

binworkers Eleven days ago, I played a gig in Liverpool as a benefit for the Leeds cleaning workers who had been on strike since September 7th.

They faced pay cuts of up to £6,000 and the workers said no.

I’m delighted to report that they have won!!

This is the power of working people united together in struggle. This is the power of the union.

If the workers in Leeds had not fought this then some would have had a third of their wages snatched from them.

It took 12 weeks of courageous strike action and a lot of solidarity, but in the best traditions of the labour movement, people stuck together to defend each other and won.

From threats of massive pay cuts and privatisation, both threats have now been removed.

They march back to work tomorrow triumphant.

Congratulations to the cleaning workers of Leeds. Your victory gives confidence to us all and will stay the hand of other councils who were hoping for your defeat as a cue to wage attacks on their own workers.

We can make the world stop. And we bloody well should!




Colin Burgon in the Guardian

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  1. Vinny Spencer - November 24, 2009 @ 6:48 pm

    We bloody well should, you not wrong

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