Leonard Cohen: Don’t Play Apartheid Israel

I’ll be taking part in this demonstrative appeal to Leonard Cohen on Tuesday not to play his planned concert in apartheid Israel.

This is in solidarity with not only the people of Palestine, but also in solidarity with the various Jewish Peace Groups within Israel who are also calling for a boycott.

I well recall the way artists boycotted apartheid South Africa not too long ago. The issues here are much the same.

I reproduce the appeal below. Musicians are particularly welcome to come along and make your voices and instruments heard.


As you may be aware, musician Leonard Cohen is planning to visit Liverpool and play a concert as part of the Summer Pop’s events on Tuesday 14th July 2009.

After his European dates, Mr Cohen is planning on visiting Tel Aviv, injecting fresh revenue into an apartheid regime, a business decision which implies support, both economically and morally, to the illegal occupation, oppression and ethnic cleansing of an entire people.

Not only does this show a cold indifference to the suffering of the Palestinian people, but acts as a slap in the face for peace activists within Israeli society who have the bravery and integrity to oppose the serious human rights violations and war crimes committed by the Israeli government.

Join us in saying “Leonard Cohen, don’t play Apartheid Israel!”

The event is being held at the Liverpool Echo Arena and we intend to demonstrate outside the venue. Along with leafleting and general demonstration, we have several local musicians supporting us in a busking style sing-along.

If you are musically inclined, you are invited to bring your instruments along and join in!

Meet at the Liverpool Echo Arena at 7:15pm on Tuesday, bring banners, singing voices and enthusiasm!

Location: Liverpool Echo Arena, Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool, Monarchs Quay, Liverpool, L3 4FP.

Directions: http://www.accliverpool.com/venue/findus/index.asp

Supported by BRICUP, PSC and BIG

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