Listen Again: Alun Parry On BBC’s Folkscene

BBC Radio Merseyside Folk SceneYou did what?! You, you, missed it??

Oh well, not to worry. After all it is Sunday.

No doubt you were having a chill, or a nice roast dinner, or even watching the footy.

Well, whatever you were doing, due to the wonders of the world wide internet thingy, you can listen to it at your leisure with the Listen Again facility.

Yeah, you’re part of the internet generation right, and that’s how you do things. I get it. You’re not going to be told where to be by some scheduler. No way man!

You’ll listen to it when YOU choose.

So here you go. Here’s the link:

Settle yourself down in a comfy chair for an hour, and enjoy the show.

The show only stays up for 7 days from broadcast though, so don’t miss it a second time or I’ll sing a 300 verse murder ballad at you!

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