Listen To My ‘Dirty Thirty’ BBC Interview

If you missed my interview yesterday morning regarding the struggle of the Dirty Thirty during the Miners Strike you can click the link below to listen in to myself and author David Bell whose book inspired my song.

Just slide along to 1hr 23mins and 38secs (or thereabouts!) and you can hear the interviews and a bit of the song.

You can read the full BBC Website report into the story too. That’s here ->
Here’s the song itself in full:


  1. dave eatock - March 9, 2011 @ 9:19 am

    Brilliant Alun! By contrast it would be interesting to know how many Labour Councillors in the North West are/have been voting against the punitive cuts budgets their Councils have been setting. They could/ should be heroes in defying the Government’s bidding!

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