Love Music Hate Racism Anti BNP Gig

I’ve just got this message from the good folk at Love Music Hate Racism.

There’s an anti fascist gig this Friday at Bumper in Hardman Street, Liverpool.

I’ll just reproduce their message in full below.

GIG @ BUMPER – Friday 19th June
Hardman Street, Liverpool

Bumper and Love Music Hate Racism are teaming up to present a night of live music to protest against the BNP in British Politics.

On Friday 19th June @ 7pm The Daisy Riots, F.o.E and House That Jack Built are helping us get this message across.

The event is free. We want you to help us show the fascists that we will not tolerate their presence in our democracy.

We at Bumper decided that we didn’t want to sit back and allow this to happen without making our protest known. We have done it the only way we know how, by using what unites people, Music.

Please join us in on this night of free entertainment. It is an important issue and we must not stay silent, so help us raise the roof on Bumper so that this message of protest can echo round the city.

For more information contact [email protected]

There will be a meeting for everyone that wants to help out with LMHR events on merseyside @ 7pm in the downstairs bar, Bumper. So if you are in a band or a DeeJay or just have tons of enthusiasm then come along and give us a hand to plan out some more events.

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