Merry Christmas You Lovely People!!

It’s Christmas eve babe, in the drunk tank…

Well, it’s Christmas eve anyhow.

And sorry you’re right. I had no right to call you babe. I don’t know what came over me.

But nonetheless it’s Chrimbo tomorrow and this post is to wish you all a peaceful and happy one, and a great New Year.

Oh, and a present of course for all my lovely newsletter gang.

I’m going to give you an 8 track compilation album to download absolutely free.

It features tracks from all 3 of my albums, and my live performance of the protest favourite Oh Mr Cameron.

I’ll send you the link in today’s newsletter so look out for that.

If you’re not on my newsletter list and feel like a naughty boy with coal in his stocking, then please don’t. Just join up to my newsletter over there on the right of this page under my photo, and you’ll get it too!!

Do you really think I’d leave you out at Christmas. Course not.

Big hugs for all your lovely support in 2010, and big wishes for a lovely 2011 to you all.

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