New Album Review: 4 Stars in R2 Magazine

The new album We Can Make The World Stop has just been reviewed in the current edition of influential national music magazine R2 (formerly known as Rock N Reel).

Reviewer Eddie Cooney gave it a whopping four stars (woohoo!) and said some rather nice things about it too.

Describing me as “an incurable champion of ordinary people” he went on to place the sound of the album as somewhere between Billy Bragg and early Go-Betweens.

“He chooses immaculately researched historical subject matter…He is also capable of clever, tension-filled drama.”

You can buy R2 magazine at News From Nowhere, Borders, and W H Smiths as well as all newsagents with a good range of mags. It’s got a free CD on too, including a track by my mate David Ferrard, who recently wowed us all at the Liverpool Working Class Music Festival.

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