New Book Featuring Creative Advice From Alun Parry

A new book has launched this week entitled The 360 Deal that is a must for anyone starting out in the music industry – or any creative endeavour.

Edited by Andrew Dubber (Professor of Music Industries Innovation at Birmingham City University), it is an invaluable collection of short articles from a range of people in the music industry.

The book features articles by Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby), Ariel Hyatt (music PR guru), and me (musician and creative coach) amongst many others.

It’s a must buy at just $3.60. It collects together a series of short articles (approx 360 words) from successful music industry professionals and musicians from around the world, each giving the most helpful advice they can think of to people just starting out.

  • Useful, practical advice
    Music industry pros and seasoned musicians share their tips that will help you in your career and steer you away from common mistakes
  • Inspirational stories
    Ideas for building a life in music that is sustainable, meaningful and rewarding
  • More to read
    Whether you’ve heard of them or not, every person included in the book has so much to say and give. Links are provided to every author’s online presence and other works.

All proceeds from The 360 Deal go to Music Basti – a youth-led charity in India which brings music workshops to homes for children affected by extreme poverty.


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  1. Cee Martin - March 17, 2013 @ 6:25 pm

    What a great project you’ve been invoved with, Alun, and a brilliant use of the proceeds, well done. I’m forwarding the link to friends and family in the music industry. Hope you get lots of sales, Cee.

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