New Liverpool Venue Launches Tomorrow With A Twist

A couple of weeks ago I accepted an invite to have a sneak preview of a brand new Liverpool venue that launches tomorrow and is open for business from Friday night onwards.

The venue is called The Brink and is located at the heart of Liverpool’s music scene, in trendy Parr Street. They are actively looking to make contact with musicians and promoters who want to stage events in their lovely gig space. (Contact details below.)

The Brink is an innovative new social venue in that they don’t serve alcohol. They believe that a great time is better fueled by people and their creative spirited energy.

What they do promise though are great quality food and drink.

To back that up they’ve gone out and hired Tom Gill as head chef. He was formerly head chef at the Everyman. So if you’re missing lunch at the Everyman since it closed, you now know where to eat instead.

I very rarely drink myself so this venue really appeals. Sometimes you just fancy a good night out in town that’s a bit off the beaten track yet still very central – and without all the aggro and leeriness that you often find where the ale is flowing.

It’s all WiFi enabled too, and is open throughout the day and into the early hours.

The Brink’s Damien Kelly told me: “The Brink is the perfect place for anyone who wants an experience of something a bit different. The Brink is for those who want all the fun and delights of a great night out but without drugs and alcohol in the mix. So join us for a big slurp of aliveness.”

The Brink is open for business from this weekend onwards. Go and check it out.

Also, musicians and promoters, give Damien a shout on 0151 703 0582 to chat things over. Or email him on damien DOT kelly AT thebrinkliverpool DOT com

It really is a lovely space and they have their own PA in house too.

For more about The Brink check out their website at

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  1.">Kaya - September 28, 2011 @ 8:25 am

    It’s fab and we’re playing the opening on Friday too :o)

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