New Song: Union Hall – Live From The Demo

4,000 demonstrators turned out to protest the cuts outside the Liberal Democrats Conference in Liverpool today.

I sung from the stage to begin the rally, and I’ll be posting more videos as the evening progresses.

This is a brand new song called Union Hall which I wrote this week especially for the event.

I hope you like it. The lyrics are posted below so you can learn it yourself.

The days are darkest when we’re all alone
Strength is often hard for us to find
Join together don’t be on your own
We are always strongest when combined

Join with your neighbours and your workmates too
Join with your family and friends
Stand together like they fear we’ll do
See that mighty message that we send

Come with me, and join us in the Union Hall
Come with me, and sing with all your heart
Come with me, and join us in the Union Hall
Come with me, where we can play our part

Bankers and the bosses make the losing bets
Then they look for you and me to pay
Stand together and defeat their threats
Send these crooks and gamblers away

The hours grow longer and the pay grows small
What are you and I to do
Come with me into the Union Hall
We are the many, they are few!

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  1. Eddie Roberts - September 30, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

    Well Done Al, another great song. Woody Guthrie lives on!
    Keep up the good work and keep your tonsils well oiled, there’s lots of demos ahead!


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