Oh Mr Cameron – Live From The Demo

Another video from today’s demo at Lib Dem Conference.

This song was mainly written by my Mum no less, with a chorus thrown in by me.

It has quickly achieved something of a cult status, proving that I’m not even the best songwriter in my own family!

Enjoy it. Sing it at future demos. The lyrics are below.

Oh Mr Cameron, what can I do
I never voted Tory but I ended up with you
Now we’ve got two morons governing the land
Oh Mr Cameron I just don’t understand

Oh Mr Cameron please don’t think me mean
But I really think we should bring back the guillotine
For you and Clegg and Osborne and Lady Thatcher too
They’re the only kind of cuts I want to see from you

Oh Mr Cameron what can I do
I voted for one party but I’ve ended up with two
You and Nick together, he’s eating out your hand
Like a little puppy dog obeying your command

rpt chorus

Oh Mr Cameron I know what I’ll do
We’ll start a revolution – and then we’ll get rid of you
You and all your cronies banished from the land
We’ll have the workers run the show, now wouldn’t that be grand

rpt chorus x2

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