Red Friday Weekend Offer

Shuddering at the whole divide and rule, turn everyone against each other awfulness of Black Friday, here’s my offer for an alternative Red Friday Weekend.

Red Friday instead promotes the values of love, community and togetherness.

It is a challenge I have made to everyone to do something that promotes bringing people together rather than driving us apart.

My offer then for the entire weekend is to book me for just £150 rather than my usual £350. That’s £200 off.

Why? Because it means loads more people will be able to afford to bring people together and share in the communal hug and singalong of an intimate musical evening.

After all, that’s just 15 people at a tenner each. It can even happen in your front room!

As Tony Benn said: “Music is the international language of the human race.”

So click the big red button to make it happen. This price will stay the same for the whole weekend until midnight on Sunday. Then it will go back to normal.

So click the button, and then I’ll get in touch to sort out the date I’ll be coming to sing for you.


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